How to make bowstring for ladder

How to make bowstring for ladder

The ladder on bowstrings does not differ in the basic principles of the building from saddle stairs. The stair well at these ladders has the similar building. The main difference is the way of opiraniye foot. In saddle stairs of foot lean on boards from above.


1. The ladder with cut-in steps has enough become widespread. The point is that in bowstring cuts about 20 millimeters in depth become. Then they are inserted into treads and stair risers. That treads densely adjoined, groove of bowstring have to have the equal planes and identical depth.

2. That there was no distortion of design, it is necessary to mark grooves precisely. It is recommended to use template. It can be made of veneer sheet. Wooden levels need to be beaten with space in 50 millimeters. In the course of marking it is necessary to remember that bowstrings has to be mirroring of each other.

3. It is possible to mark treads and stair risers also by means of template. It needs to be moved along bowstring edge. For this purpose along long edge of bowstring put the basic line. It has to be at distance of 50 millimeters from board edge. When you make movement of template, pencil note lines of steps. Their tops has to be on the basic line of bowstring. On the end of bowstring the prolonged line of marking offenses has to correspond to floor height completely.

4. Grooves for treads are made by means of hand tool. However for this purpose it is possible to use also manual milling machine. No matter, of what material the bowstring is made, grooves under steps will need to be chosen obliquely to grain direction. To make qualitative groove it is the best of all to use the electric tool in work. It is recommended to mill bowstrings on plywood cliche.

5. The cliche has to be correctly made. For this purpose it is necessary to beat two bars to rectangular piece of plywood parallel to bowstring edges. Consider, the distance between them has to equal to bowstring width. Then it is necessary to put cliche on bowstring and to put the basic line. Now it is possible to remove rails from step template. Put it so that basic lines have completely coincided. If it is necessary, it is possible to expand the opening size on the distance equal to distance between mill and the round flange of the milling machine.

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