How to make false fireplace with own hands

How to make false fireplace with own hands

Who did not dream to live in the house with fireplace? Fortunately, it is possible to get almost real fireplace which will create feeling of cosiness of hunting lodge even in the apartment. Minus false fireplace one – it not real, it it is impossible to kindle and warm the frozen hands at naked flame. But unless this functional minus can stop those who admire esthetic qualities of fireplaces? Of course not.

Preparation and marking of false fireplace

Unlike the real fireplace, the false fireplace can be established on any wall and in any direction. The first step is to decide on the sizes and to prepare the drawing of future construction. The most widespread types of false fireplaces – on belt in height and stationary height from floor to ceiling. The most practical – the first option as it is made with smaller material consumptions and allows to equip the functional shelf on false fireplace cover.

Production of framework and facing of false fireplace

By the size of bottom of fireplace it is necessary to cut out site from the sheet of gypsum cardboard or plywood. It is attached to floor covering by means of glue or self-tapping screws.

The framework is made of bar

After the framework is established, by means of the electric fret saw it is necessary to cut false fireplace muzzle. So the framework begins to get familiar outlines of the real chimney niche. Further, the design is sheathed by plywood.

After finish of the turned-out seams there comes the most pleasant stage – covering decorative stone or facing brick. It is important to remember that in the real chimney furnaces the inside face is paved, as a rule, by strongly burned small stone flags. This nuance should be remembered when choosing facing materials.


After the construction stage is completed, it is a high time to think how decoratively to equip chimney niche.

  • Option first – candles in graceful low candlesticks. Such option well is suitable for romantic furniture of the bedroom. It is important only not to forget them to extinguish for the night.
  • Option second – artificial illumination or lamps. Such option will demand carrying out energy sources, but in exchange the space gets additional lighting which can replace with itself chandelier.
  • Option third – without light. More practical decision will be to refuse completely light in false fireplace niche in favor of additional functional shelf. On it it is possible to hold newspapers, writing-materials or figurines. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team