How to make make-up in the Gipsy style

How to make make-up in the Gipsy style

– very mysterious and unpredictable creations for this reason their image so attracts some men, and desire to imitate them causes in women. The Gipsy make-up which integral attribute are gipsy’s eyes has so become fashionable. It is rather simple to create it.


  1. It is necessary to pay attention to that fact that when drawing make-up of the Gipsy not always follow the rule "place emphasis only on eyes or on lips". Most often it is possible to meet these women with red, wine or dark pink lipstick and the bright used eye shadow. If you do not want to look so provocatively, preference should be given to eyes. After all "hypnotic, tenacious look" - distinctive feature of Gipsies.
  2. To create gipsys eyes, it is necessary to cover face with base under make-up. So it will better keep. Then it is necessary to carry out by black pencil (and it is better kayaly) the line along growth of upper eyelashes. The line should not be ideally equal as further it all the same should be shaded on all mobile century, without supporting sides.
  3. Further over pencil it is necessary to put dark opaque shadows that color has turned out more saturated. At the same time some negligence is allowed, there is no need to try to obtain ideally equal contours. Besides, shadows can be selected for color of eyes. For example, green-eyed young ladies will suit dark burgundy shades, blue-eyed – dark gray, gray-eyed – smoky, and brown-eyed – black or dark brown.
  4. It is possible to leave lower eyelid untouched, or also to draw line dark pencil most close to eyelashes and to shade it. It is allowed to take up for external corners of eyes.
  5. Also Gipsies do not ignore eyebrow, giving them expressiveness by means of dark pencil. Then under eyebrows it is necessary to put white shadows up to mobile century. This reception will allow to draw bigger attention to eyes. If you want to draw bigger attention to the look, use false eyelashes.
  6. Besides, it is necessary to consider that most of Gipsies – owners of swarty skin therefore when causing tone it is possible to use bronzator or means a little more darkly than your natural shade of skin. Cheekbones are allowed to be emphasized with blush or flickering friable powder. Imperfections should be corrected by means of concealer.
  7. For lips it is possible to pick up both hardly noticeable shades of transparent gloss, and bright lipstick before which putting it is the best of all to trace contour by means of pencil in tone. If you want to give to lips big expressiveness, then it is necessary to make up them lipstick, and already then to cover with gloss layer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team