How to make new furniture of old

How to make new furniture of old

All houses have old furniture which has become useless. What is usually done with it? Throw out on dump or take away to the dacha, thereby filling up heap unnecessary things which nobody will never use any more. However you should not do hasty acts. You can give the hands to this old furniture the second life. What she will - solve only to you.

  • material for upholstery, the hammer, carnations with big hats, tracing-paper, pencils, eraser, scissors, glue, brackets, the construction hair dryer, abrasive paper

1. Before transformation of old furniture it is necessary to understand, changes will be how global. For example, it is possible just to make new covering, and it is possible to remake any given subject of interior completely. With covering everything is easily and simply. You choose fabric for this purpose on the taste. It has to be not really thin quickly not to tear. Before purchase of material estimate approximately how many it is required to you. To buy best all with stock. The stock is useful in case you spoil any part of material.

2. Accurately remove old upholstery. Do it carefully and carefully. The old upholstery can be attached on carnations. If it is connected by glue, then it is the best of all to heat a little surface the construction hair dryer. Having removed old upholstery, carefully see furniture on availability of rotten parts. If those are, then they need to be smoothed out or replaced.

3. Make exact measurements to have idea of how to cut fabric. Write down everything on piece of paper and calculate, having checked several times. Consider that material has to be with stock on several centimeters. After that make pattern. For this purpose use tracing-paper. Do not throw out pattern because it can be useful to you still more than once. On pattern plan contours of parts on material. Cut parts.

4. Take foam rubber 3-4 centimeters thick. Make parts which will be between fabric and part of furniture of it. Now try to try on foam rubber and material. If everything well approaches, then it is possible to start assembly. Choose way of fastening. It is possible to use small carnations with big hats. Also brackets will approach. After you completely attach upholstery - check accuracy of the performed work. Any tack or bracket should not stick out the sharp end outside.

5. Your new furniture is almost ready. If desired it is possible to decorate covering with beads, fringe or embroidery. Here everything depends on your imagination

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team