How to make the street lamp with own hands

How to make the street lamp with own hands

Ready street lighting equipment becomes on standard templates. The author's street lamp can be collected independently. Also stumps with branches, both residues of building materials, and the ancient things long ago forgotten in the country storeroom will approach. But in the art search you should not forget that the main purpose of the lamp – street lighting.

Also will depend on type of the chosen lamp as well as what to make it of. Types of street lighting equipment:

  • wall lamp;
  • floor lamp;
  • suspended lamp;
  • floor lamp (soil).

The wall lamp is better, than others, is suitable for house adjoining lighting. It is correct to place it over porch, over ladder or before site for picnic. Still it will be suitable for illumination of gate or gate.

Floor lamps are put directly on the earth or mounted at entrance to gazebo. The normal floor lamp is the equal rack topped with spherical lamp. Floor lamps can be with several plafonds.

Floor lamps are intended for floor. They are mounted in soil for the organization of illumination of flowers, trees, compositions. They are ideal for local illumination of footpaths and tiled paths in garden. They will be bright accent close swing or the summer pavilion. Lamps in most cases happen round or trapezoid shape.

The lamp on suspension is most often hung up on verandah. It fix to ceiling or to branches on trees. The lamp on cord or chain is hung up, in the lower part the plafond is located.

What do lamps by the hands of

Lamps can be made of everything that is near at hand at the dacha. Perfectly will be suitable for this purpose:

  • plastic cups;
  • glass bottles;
  • chips;
  • glass jars;
  • clay;
  • PVC pipes;
  • kitchen utensils;
  • any construction materials.

Lamp from bottle

The simplest option of street lamp. It is easy in production and is effective.

It is required:

  • glass bottle;
  • electric boss;
  • flat-nose pliers;
  • silicone adhesive;
  • electrical wire.


  • First of all it is necessary to make electrical wiring, in the boss having connected wires. Other end or will be connected to the general electrical wiring, or it can be equipped with electrical plug.
  • To twist small bulb in cartridge. The bottle has to have wide neck that through it it was possible to pass cartridge. If neck narrow, it is necessary to remove accurately bottle bottom by means of the glass-cutter, and to grind off edges of glass abrasive paper.
  • On bottom of bottle it is possible to fill decorative elements: beads, glass balls, spiralk from color wire.
  • To lower bulb in the made plafond and to cover cartridge with silicone adhesive.

Lamp wall shod

One of the most durable lamps which will become the real decoration of the site.

It is required:

  • metal corner – 4 pieces;
  • framework steel – 4 pieces;
  • steel thin strips – 10 pieces;
  • rods steel – 10 pieces;
  • cap from iron;
  • the device for welding;


  • To make the basis in the form of rectangle of frames. To block framework grids, the crossed rods welded from.
  • From above the body to weld cap. One steel rod to bend and create from it bracket for wall fastening, to weld on the basis.
  • It is possible to decorate lamp from below graceful elements from strips from steel. They are welded by the ends too, previously they should be connected interceptions.
  • To inside get cartridge under lamp.

Lamp from branches for the street

Originally the round small lamp from grapevine looks. Especially if to suspend it on tree. It is possible to take inflatable ball for the beach for template.

It is required:

  • thin branches of rod on 2-3 m;
  • inflatable ball;
  • wire
  • LED tape or solar lamp.


  • To inflate ball. To envelop long branches of rod (svezhesrezanny that were flexible) around ball. Crossings of branches should be fastened with wire, it will give to design the necessary rigidity.
  • Having made sure that the rod is strongly fastened, the ball can be blown off and pulled out outside through slot in branches.
  • In sphere from branches it is possible to protisnut accurately the solar lamp that the small lamp worked completely in the autonomous mode. The second not less beautiful option is to envelop lamp tape with LEDs and to bring one its end to electrical wiring. Quite often tapes are equipped with the switch of flowers, in this case it will be possible to change brightness and color of lighting of the site from the console.

The street lamp from log

Stylish and solemnly the lamp which kind of is built in in log saw cuts looks.

It is required:

  • pipe from organic glass or plastic;
  • LED tape;
  • saw;
  • equal thick log.


  • Log it is necessary to saw on identical rings 10-20 cm wide.
  • In everyone to cut opening diameter of the prepared pipe.
  • To insert transparent pipe into openings, having arranged them at distance in 20-30 cm from each other.
  • In pipe it is dense to place LED tape.
  • To bring it to electrical wiring. The beautiful natural lamp is ready for operation.

The lamp lamp shade from rope

It is possible to decorate normal street small lamp on solar batteries round the lamp shade from the glued rope.

It is required:

  • hank of jute rope – 50 m;
  • gloves;
  • small lamp on solar batteries;
  • PVA glue;
  • soccerball;
  • metal pipe.


  • All rope to moisten PVA-glue. For this purpose it should be submerged in bowl and to fill in with glue.
  • Without having forgotten to put on gloves, to wind with rope ball from all directions, having left small window for the lamp.
  • To leave composition to dry out for 3-4 hours. To blow off ball and to accurately pull out it from plafond.
  • To paint the lamp shade with bright paint.
  • To lift the normal land lamp working from the sun is higher (over the longest flowers, for example), it is necessary to drive metal tube in the earth and to thrust in it from above lamp head (without leg).

It was necessary to install the lamp shade on small lamp. It is necessary to make several such lamps that they created composition in garden.

The lamp from banks without bulb

In style pop art the bright glass jars radiating light from surface, but without bulb and even without LED tape in design look at dark night.

  • glass jars of unusual or standard form;
  • phosphorescent paints;
  • brush;
  • ropes or chains for suspension.


  • To wash and dry up banks. Brush to cover their surface with different phosphorescent paints. It can be put somehow: to do by curls, like frosty patterns at window, drops, straight lines or spots of irregular shape.
  • To allow to dry to paint.
  • To fix rope or chain under cover or having wound around neck.
  • To hang up banks on the solar place. In the afternoon paint will accumulate sunlight, and to radiate beautiful soft luminescence at night.

Such shining banks small lamps can be placed along path or bed, up bottom to place in the Alpine hill.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team