How to manufacture the keramzitny block

How to manufacture the keramzitny block

Blocks from foam mortar do not need special advertizing. Their advantages – good heat-insulating properties, technological effectiveness, universality, reasonable prices – are well-known all. It is necessary to carry to advantages of blocks also that their production does not demand special qualification and acquisition of expensive materials and the equipment.

It is required to you

  • – haydite;
  • – M400 cement;
  • – sand:
  • – eaves board;
  • – metal sheet 1-1.5 mm thick;
  • – construction and metalwork tool.


1. Choose the necessary size of blocks. The most usable standard block has the sizes of 390х190х188 mm. For convenience often accept the rounded values of the sizes – 400х200х200 mm. It is also necessary to resolve issue about availability or absence in the block of internal cavities. Corpulent stones use most often for the walls which are exposed to high loading – for example if the building has several floors. The form of air chambers in hollow blocks is carried out in the form of cylinders, rectangular parallelepipeds and so forth.

2. Choose the brand of keramzitobeton. Keramzitny M75 blocks, for example, quite are suitable for laying of load bearing walls. For one cubic meter of concrete of this brand it is spent: - haydite – 1.05 m³;-M400 cement – 250 kg; - sand – 0.2 m³;-waters – 0.25-0.35 m³.

3. Count amount of materials which will be required for production of one keramzitny block. For this purpose calculate its volume in m³, having multiplied values of height, length and width and having taken away from the received result the volume of internal cavities (if hollow block). Increase the received value by the consumption of specific material (given above or found independently for the necessary quality class). As a result of this operation you receive amount of the materials necessary for production of one block.

4. Make forms for filling of blocks. Normal work will require several forms – what them will be more, that work will be more productive. It is reasonable to make forms on several blocks at once. Take two boards 200 mm wide, one party of which of prostrugan and it is painted with waterproof paint. Make on the fair (painted) parties of pro-saw of 5-10 mm in depth with distance from each other 40 cm. Drill in the regions of boards on one opening with a diameter of 12 mm in the middle.

5. Collect from boards out of the blue with the spread polyethylene film design in the form of trough without bottom and top, having connected boards among themselves two couplers of M10 which are passed through openings at edges. Between boards (near couplers) insert wooden pro-rates 20 cm long – for providing exact distance between boards, equal to width of blocks. Insert into pro-saws of boards rectangular pieces of sheet metal plate 1-1.5 mm thick the sizes of 200х210 mm. They will play role of face walls of forms. Thus, at you the simple and convenient form on several blocks will turn out.

6. Pour out in capacity for mixing of mortar all necessary components: sand, cement, haydite. Well mix them. Make pole in mix and pour water in quantity slightly less than rated there. Properly mix mix with water, if necessary adding water to solution.

7. Fill in the prepared solution in forms, condense it with shovel and give time to harden – within 1-2 days. During hardening do not allow hit on blocks of direct sunshine, water them and cover with film. After blocks grab, carefully take off uniform, having turned off pins and having removed boards in the parties. Collect form in other place and execute the following cycle of production of blocks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team