How to move heavy furniture

How to move heavy furniture

Often there is need to move some heavy piece of furniture. And what to do if in the apartment the parquet and cabinet or sofa can scratch it? And how to shift very heavy dresser if in the house there are no strong male hands?

It is required to you

  • polyethylene covers, cardboard, paraffin, woolen rug, crude potatoes, rubber covers from bubbles


1. Before moving furniture, release it contents. Open cabinet or sideboard, take out clothes, books, ware, that is everything that is inside. Surely remove glass regiments, strengthen doors that they did not open. If the piece of furniture can be sorted, make it and move it in parts.

2. Not to scratch floor, enclose the polyethylene covers used for closing of cans under legs of the moved subject. It will facilitate sliding and will save from strips on package or laminate.

3. If you are afraid that the heavy cabinet will leave ugly marks on floor, cut circles crude potatoes. Thickness has to be 30-40 mm, and diameter – is twice more than diameter of cabinet leg. Cut in opening slices where cabinet legs will be located, and accurately move.

4. It is possible to enclose woolen rug of sufficient thickness under furniture legs. It will help even to overcome thresholds: on the one hand it is necessary to pull for laying, with another – to push. Surely hold the subject moved through threshold, otherwise it can overturn and wound you or your assistants.

5. For the best sliding on floor palm off pieces of the waxed cardboard under furniture legs. It is possible to use packages from under milk – on them there is paraffin layer. There is still option – rub floor through movement of furniture with damp soap or cover with thick layer of paraffin or wax.

6. Not to rustle, moving furniture, fix on furniture legs rubber pro-barrels from medical bubbles. They will serve as peculiar shock-absorbers, and no gnash will exist.

7. If you have not managed to exempt furniture from contents, it is possible to use self-made jack. To they can serve, for example, inflatable pillow, inner tube or even rubber hot-water bottle. Of course, in such a way it is possible to move not too big objects.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team