How to organize emerald lawn

How to organize emerald lawn

With own hand created lawn – pride of the gardener and summer resident. How to have a good time near well-groomed bright emerald lawn.


1. Lawn – decoration of any garden. Well-groomed, pleasant emerald greens, from dense derniny. … To achieve such beauty, it will be required to put many forces. From the very beginning, before starting planning and arrangement of lawn, think for what you need lawn? There is large number of various types of lawns, more practical is "the ordinary lawn". It is much simpler and more reliable in leaving.

2. We choose the place for lawn. For lawns under trees we incorporate mix with prevalence of shade-enduring herbs "Shadow lawn". Mix of herbs "Sports lawn" best of all will be suitable for the lawns intended for outdoor games. The next stage – preparation of the soil. Ideally the soil is prepared since fall. We dig over soil on depth of 15-20 cm with addition of compost and wood ashes, we delete weeds. If the soil clay and viscous, we add coarse-grained sand and humus. To easy and sandy soils – compost. With approach of spring weeds will arise, we carry out spring redigging with sample of the sprouted weeds. Or having waited when the bulk of weeds sprouts, we process herbicides.

3. The best period yes of sowing of lawn – spring, but crops during the summer season are allowed. Sow manually: we pass along the site, scattering seeds on the surface of the soil, then we repeat the procedure across the site allocated under lawn. Such way promotes more uniform distribution of seeds on surface. Because seeds of long-term herbs small, to the soil it is not necessary to close up, but will be useful if the scattered seeds to prikatat or press by means of board. It is good if there passes the rain if such pleasure you were given, water from hose with nozzle of small dispersion, without allowing formation of pools. At droughty weather try to water often lawn as the sowed seeds very small and energy of germination low. Yet green sprouts will not arise, your work consists in thorough watering and weeding of the sprouted weeds. The first hairstyle is carried out elektrokosy at the height of cut of 6-7 cm. We comb lawn elastic rake. We water in dry weather once in week and we feed up during the season 2-3 times.

4. At the end of July we begin preparation for winter – completely we exclude nitrogen fertilizers and we feed up phosphorus-potassium (water solution 1 matchbox on 10 liters of water), these fertilizers help strengthening of root system and prevent destruction by frost. In September it is desirable to zamulchirovat lawn.

5. At the end of winter scatter on surface of the thawing snow nitrogen fertilizers for fertilizing. Snow will thaw, and the lawn will receive nutrients together with moisture. After descent of snow and drying of the soil we pass with rake, removing last year's plant debris. We do by pitchfork puncture in the soil. It is begun to cut lawn when height of grass reaches 8-12 cm.

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