How to paint walls

How to paint walls

Walls play significant role in interior. More often they are traditionally veiled carpets, pictures, various shelves have. Actually walls it is possible cheap, quickly and easily to decorate.


1. The interesting decision for giving of life of your walls – cliches. For example, for kitchen wall the grapevine, will be suitable for the children's room – butterflies or machines, in the bathroom - starfishes or dolphins. Buy ready cliches or make them independently. For this purpose print out the suitable drawing, paste it on cardboard and accurately cut contour stationery knife or edge. Apply paint by means of sponge or the small roller for walls painting.

2. Relevant in decoration of the walls use of various inscriptions. Perhaps, it will be the quote or statement. Apply words on wall, using the cliches prepared in advance. It is possible to place words in any place: on door, over bed headboard, over outer door, etc.

3. Before drawing words or phrases on wall, think over the sizes and font. Inscriptions on walls can be as short, in the form of simple saying, and long, in the form of any recipe in kitchen.

4. Walls are fine cloth for creativity even if you have no outstanding art abilities. By means of the slide projector project the photo or picture on wall. Circle contours with black felt-tip pen or simple pencil. Paint the image with color paints according to the original or, adding additional elements. It is good to use the paints for walls containing nacreous pigments. Your drawing during the day will originally "play" when changing lighting. Availability of the volume image on wall will create feeling of depth of the room.

5. Safely embody the imaginations, experiment, trying to fill boring places on walls in your house. Give to your house unique shape.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team