How to pasynkovat cucumbers in the greenhouse

How to pasynkovat cucumbers in the greenhouse

To receive big harvest of cucumbers, it is better to grow up them in the greenhouse. And you will be able to try the first zelenets in April-May. But at the same time it is insufficiently simple to seed seeds to the soil, it is necessary to pasynkovat cucumbers in the greenhouse. Then they will not expand the impassable jungle and will give all the force on maturing of numerous ovaries.

In to the greenhouse cucumbers grow up on lanes in one stalk. Thus they will occupy more useful space, but will not creep on the ground, as in the open ground. But not this main thing, and the fact that if you grow up grades with men's and pistillate flowers, the timely pasynkovaniye will allow to appear quicker to side escapes with pistillate flowers. And it will accelerate emergence of the first cucumbers.

So, what it is necessary to do? After you have planted seedling of cucumbers to the greenhouse, look after them, on plants the fourth leaf will not appear yet. Then prishchipnita about it all flower kidneys, as well as side escapes. Further it is necessary to tie up cucumbers in the greenhouse to lane. For this purpose pull from above wire and tie to it pieces of cord for which lashes will keep.

After emergence 5, 6, 7 leaves it is necessary to pasynkovat cucumbers in the greenhouse in a different way. On side escapes leave 1 ovary and 1 leaf then you prishchipnit escape. Do not forget to wind the growing lash around the cord tied to lane. When there is 8, 9 and 10 leaf, again prishchipnit side escapes in bosoms, but now leave 2 cucumbers and on 2 leaves. And, at last, after the 11th leaf delete all ovaries, except 3 cucumbers and 3 leaves on each escape. At the same time the lash already reaches usually the wire tense along the greenhouse. Fix it, having wound around it few times, let's grow to the main escape approximately on half-meter and when new ovaries appear, leave them and tear off growth top. Periodically check all lashes for availability of new side escapes if they have appeared, tear off at once. You should not leave them even if there are on them flowers and ovaries. All this will create additional load of the main stalk and will create shadowing in the greenhouse.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team