How to pasynkovat tomatoes in the open ground

How to pasynkovat tomatoes in the open ground

Tomatoes in the open ground turn out fleshy, incredibly tasty. But to receive abundant, and, the main thing, early harvest, it is necessary to form bushes. It is necessary to Pasynkovat tomatoes in soil correctly, otherwise plants can do much harm.

To Pasynkovat tomatoes or not

June. Warmly. Seedling of tomatoes planted in soil considerably has grown up – it is a high time to remove stepsons, the escapes which are formed in bosoms of sheets. And in general, whether it is necessary to pasynkovat tomatoes? Provide, tomatoes grow as they want, bushes fluffy, there is a lot of stalks, and fruits, alas … it is not enough, and that small, were tied late, have not managed to ripen to frosts. That such picture did not become reality and the harvest pleased, the pasynkovaniye is obligatory. It is possible to form bushes in one, two and several stalks. It is individual and depends:

- from weather patterns of the region;

- grades of tomatoes;

- seldom or bushes are often planted.

For receiving early harvest create several bushes in one stalk with two-three brushes of flowers, on the others leave two-three stalks and if bushes are located seldom, then and four.

Begin to Pasynkovat tomatoes in the open ground when seedling gets stronger, will go to growth. Do it throughout all season. Escapes grow quickly, it is necessary to examine time in 7-10 days bushes of tomatoes and to break out small, in 4-5 cm, shoots. It is better to cut the extended, outgrown escapes secateurs. It is necessary to break off stepsons not under the root, and to leave stump in 1-1.5 cm, he will not allow to grow up to new shoot.

How to pasynkovat tall tomatoes

The special attention is required by indeterminantny grades of tomatoes, they give many side escapes which grow in bosoms of each leaf. The flower brush to be put through three leaves, but where there is stepson, the brush is not formed that leads to decrease in quantity of ovary. It is desirable  to carry out the first pasynkovaniye of tall tomatoes even before emergence of the first flower brush.  

In the open ground there is a lot of light and if plant bushes seldom, you can safely leave two-three lower escapes for increase in harvest. In process of growth, delete the others. If you are going to create bush in one stalk, remove all side escapes if in two stalks, leave the stepson located under the first flower brush. 

In turn, on the left side escapes also delete stepsons and excess flower brushes, them has to be 2-4 on each stalk. For restriction of growth of bush of top to prishchipyvayta, it will allow to receive large fruits. To undersized tomatoes different approach.

How to pasynkovat determinant tomatoes

Determinant tomatoes have restrictions in growth – after education on the main stalk of four-six flower brushes, growth stops. Therefore it is necessary to pasynkovat undersized tomatoes carefully. You will overdo with removal of side escapes, you will be left without harvest. Remove one-two lower stepsons, it will be enough for receiving good harvest.

At all standard tomatoes do not demand pasynkovaniye. They have powerful upright stalk. Stepsons form a little and those do not develop and do not affect quantity and quality of fruits in any way.

In conclusion small council – pasynkuyta tomatoes in dry weather that wounds have dried up, have quickly dragged on. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team