How to pick up color of door and laminate

How to pick up color of door and laminate

Sometimes the wide choice does not seem plus. Doing repair in the new apartment, people sometimes cannot understand to what color of laminate and interroom doors to give preference. Coming to specialized shop, they are finally lost. In this case it is necessary to deal with already available apartment interior.


1. Decide at first on something by one. Begin, for example, with floor.

2. Choose color, making a start from expected interior. If you buy expensive laminate (it will serve about 15 years, cheap – it is much less), then it makes sense to find material of neutral color which will approach under any walls and furniture. Within 15 years you perhaps will make still more than once renovation. Therefore 10 times think before buying laminate of some exotic tone. Ask yourself question: whether it will be appropriate in combination with other interior?

3. Look for material of light golden-yellow shade. It will be in harmony with any flowers. If you after all want floor of other color, you remember several rules. The reddish shade of laminate is not combined with "boudoir" shades and with flowers of water and demands some rhyme in interior (red chair, the red lamp shade, etc.). Dark colors are combined only with light furniture, black floor is not in harmony with warm flowers. Concerning less widespread flowers consult with designers in shop.

4. Choose to kitchen, and also in the hall and small rooms it will be better if colors of floor and door coincide. Contrast shades have the right for existence too, but also there are two rules. First, the contrast has to be noticeable. Secondly, floor, door and furniture have to be or cool or warm colors, otherwise the combination will be disharmonious.

5. Choose plinth. This interlink between floor and doors, and it is impossible to avoid it. If door – dark, laminate – light, it is possible to pick up plinth, both under one color, and under another. If on the contrary, buy plinth under color of door.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team