How to pick up shadows for green eyes

How to pick up shadows for green eyes

skillful make-up changes each woman, makes her younger and more attractive. Beauty of emerald eyes can be emphasized with various shades of shadows.

It is required to you

  • - shadows of pastel tones;
  • - shadows of brown tones;
  • - lilac shadows;
  • - violet shadows;
  • - shadows of green tones;
  • - gray shadows;
  • - golden shadows.


  1. Play with combinations of flowers. In spite of the fact that green eyes infrequently meet, there is set of their shades. All versions are allocated in 4 main groups, and it is possible to choose the make-up for everyone. For green color with turquoise impurity – dark green or light green that the eyelid and eye did not look one spot. If green color is diluted with sparkles of yellow – choose violet shade. Yellow and violet create contrast, shading greens. Light gray-green eyes look more expressive if you use pastel tone of shadows. Emphasize the saturation of dark green eyes in dark color: plum, violet, chocolate. Shade primary color contrast: pink, violet or plum. Sure bet is the frame green and brown.
  2. Use peach, creamy, golden or light brown shadows for basis. For daily make-up pick up quiet and warm natural shades. Apply light basis on all eyelid, and atop – light brown shadows. Shade eyelid under fold dark gray or brown. Dark-violet, dark green, golden and copper colors will be suitable for solemn occasions.
  3. Impose multilayer make-up from contrast shadows: pink, violet and green. Not to look tasteless, better to experiment with shades in advance. Expressiveness of eyes will be increased by dark brown or gray eyeliner pencil. Surely make up cilia black ink. If the experiment was successful, at evening illumination of eye will be unusually beautiful. Select shadows for green eyes, considering hair color. Natural blondes with light skin will suit peach and light brown shadows. Brown-haired women with green eyes can choose brown color. For red-haired ladies the choice is much broader – shadows of various shades approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team