How to place furniture in the bedroom

How to place furniture in the bedroom

The bedroom - the sacred place of each house. In the bedroom of people spends the most intimate hours. Here it is possible to relax after heavy day of work, to read the interesting book, to stay alone with darling. But the most important assignment of the bedroom is to provide sound and healthy sleep. To feel comfort of this room, it is necessary to take care of the correct arrangement of furniture in it.


1. That it is comfortable and without excess difficulties to arrange furniture in the bedroom, make the preliminary sketch of future planning. Draw very detailed drawing. Specify on it is mute everything, since trifles, switches and sockets, and finishing with large furniture and the equipment. Represent on the sketch at first bed, and then bedside curbstones, cabinet, dresser, mirror.

2. If the size of the apartment is small, then very often the bedroom combines in itself the place for dream, work area and the living room. In this case get sofa. It considerably will save space, and on it it will be convenient to receive guests. Organize work area at window. Establish small computer table and chair there. If desired it is possible to fence off sleeping zone from the worker, having established between them screen.

3. If the apartment has rather big space, it is not necessary to encumber one room with several zones. Make to yourself the bedroom. You will choose big double bed. On headboard of bed it is possible to fix shelves for storage of small things. Arrange near it bedside curbstones.

4. Use of identical materials and uniform style in design of the bedroom, create feeling of refinement in the room. For this reason choose wardrobe of the same style, as bed. Depending on the room size, the cabinet can be two - or three door. Cabinets are both separate, and built-in. Establish it so that it was possible to approach easily it and to open doors. For economy of space it is possible to use sliding wardrobe.

5. Mirrors or pier glass with mirror establish so that in them the sleeping person and bed could not be reflected. Also it is not necessary to have more than one or two mirrors in the bedroom. If the mirror is already available, for example, on cabinet, then it will be quite enough for the bedroom.

6. Arrangement of furniture according to the hair dryer-shuyumalenkaya the bedroom has to be light and with the minimum quantity of furniture. The large room on the contrary should be separated into several zones. For the best energy exchange, large furniture should not partition off entrance. If to follow advice the hair dryer Shuya, the bed cannot be put opposite to mirrors. Also over berth there should not be pictures, chandeliers, lamps. That dreams were kind and quiet, it is impossible to put bed so that legs looked towards door. The berth on the center is the best of all to arrange. All objects in the bedroom should not have sharp angles. And the main thing in arrangement of furniture on the hair dryer Shuya is to follow the feelings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team