How to place furniture in the one-room apartment

How to place furniture in the one-room apartment

The complexity of planning of interior of the one-room apartment is that the same room has to perform several functions at once. It is necessary to combine skillfully in the room the living room, the bedroom and study. It can be done, using method of zoning of the room.


1. For a start make the plan of your room. It is convenient to do it by means of special computer programs or the websites. The plan can be drawn also on paper, but it will look not so visually.

2. Represent your room, observing the correct proportions. Note location of window and also the direction in which the door opens.

3. Think over what functional zones you would like to allocate in the room. The recreation area which can be combined with berth is surely necessary. Also the working space where it is necessary to put table, the computer and bookshelves is useful. And of course, in each house there have to be clothes.

4. Recreation area, berth and the place for guests it is possible having combined, having put sliding sofa or soft corner in the room. In set the small coffee table on wheels on which will conveniently have tea with guests will approach it. When time lozhitmsya comes to sleep and move apart sofa, it can be shifted to one of armrests aside, having made it bedside curbstone. The sofa along wall opposite to which there is door is better to have. So it will not be stirred in pass, and light from window will not shine you in the face during sleep. To the same wall it is possible to put wardrobe, having left between it and sofa small pass. It is good if at cabinet doors are mirror – so you will save the place, and you should not think, where to hang up mirror.

5. Along opposite wall place curbstone with the TV and computer table. So it will be convenient to you to watch TV programs or movies on the computer, having a rest on sofa. Over table hang up several long shelves for books, disks and souvenirs. So you should not spend space for bookcase.

6. In furniture stores the wide range of complex furniture which is the single bed, table and cabinet united together is provided today. Such furniture will perfectly fit into interior of your apartment and will save a lot of place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team