How to plant cyclamen seeds

How to plant cyclamen seeds

Cyclamen – the grassy perennial plant loved by flower growers for beautiful form and bright coloring of flowers. At some species of this plant the dormant period when the cyclamen dumps leaves is pronounced and demands special conditions of contents. Difficulties of cultivation of this flower in house conditions are connected with it and with the fact that cyclamens badly transfer dry warm air of apartments with long-distance heating. The cyclamen division of tuber and seeds breeds.

It is required to you

  • - cyclamen seeds;
  • - "Epin-ekstra" or "Zircon";
  • - peat;
  • - sheet earth;
  • - drainage;
  • - sand.


1. Recommend to begin crops of cyclamen at the end of winter or the beginning of spring. If you have familiar flower growers who are growing up this flower try to get seeds at them. It is considered that the fresh seeds received from the plants which are grown up in house conditions have bigger viability.

2. Regardless of that, you have got planting stock in shop or have received from the familiar flower grower, before crops the seeds need to be processed solution of any immunomodulator: "Epina-ekstra" or "Zircon". For processing of "Epinom-ekstra" you will need solution from four drops of medicine on half of glass of water. If you prefer to use the medicine "Zircon", dissolve two drops in three hundred milliliters of water. You keep seeds in solution within eighteen hours.

3. Fill in container with opaque or completely opaque cover light soil mix. Cyclamens can be couched in the damp soil consisting of identical amount of peat and the sheet earth.

4. Spread out seeds on the surface of the soil and powder thin, it is no more than a half of centimeter, earth layer. Close capacity with seeds film or cover and put to the place where you will be able to maintain temperature within eighteen-twenty degrees.

5. Seeds will sprout within one or one and a half months, all this time support the earth in slightly damp state and daily air container. Some grades of cyclamens will sprout even longer so do not despair if in two months after crops you do not see shoots.

6. As soon as there are first shoots, rearrange to bank with seeds in the lit place, having covered seedlings from bright sun. Air temperature in the place where there are plants, has to be not higher than fifteen-seventeen degrees.

7. After education at seedlings of two-three leaves of plant it is necessary to raspikirovat in pots with drainage and mix from four parts of the sheet earth, two parts of peat and part of sand. Klubenki which have managed to be formed at plants should be submerged in the soil completely.

8. In six months after the sword-play replace young cyclamens in pots with a diameter about six centimeters, using the same composition of the ground, as at sword-play. Leave tuber of plant on third over earth surface. In one and a half-two years after crops you will be able to see how cyclamens will blossom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team