How to plant euphorbia

How to plant euphorbia

There is huge number of various grades and species of euphorbia, some are similar to cacti, others in the form of trees or bushes. Some prickly with availability of abundant flowers, others absolutely smooth and only sometimes give color. But similarity at all versions one – poisonous milk which acts at the slightest damage of leaf or trunk. As to grow up euphorbia?


1. To receive seeds for reproduction of plant of this type, it is necessary to put row several pots with euphorbia as he is not capable to self-fertilization. If you are going to part euphorbia in house conditions, choose to it such place where will get sunshine (on windowsill). But in this case it is necessary to remember that many species of euphorbia with motley and light leaves are afraid of sunshine, they burn leaves. And vertical and treelike grades are preferred that sunlight fell on them from above (it can be verandah or the room with ceiling window). Provide plant with additional lighting by means of daylight lamps in the winter.

2. The soil for landing of euphorbia has to be air-permeable and consist of one part of the sheet earth, two parts of sand and one part of wood charcoal. It is possible to plant euphorbia as by means of seeds, and the stem shanks which are cut off from adult plant in the spring or in the summer. Powder cut of shank with powder of wood charcoal and leave for one-two days for seasoning.

3. Then put shank in the prepared pot with good layer of drainage and soil mix. Carefully water, rooting happens within one and a half months at optimum air temperature – 22 degrees. During growth, the euphorbia demands moderate watering by the warm and settled water, but only after full drying of the earth. You watch that water did not stand in pot. Minimize waterings in the winter – two times a month will be quite enough.

4. It is necessary to replace euphorbia once a year – in the spring, especially young and fast-growing plants. During blossoming and rapid growth, feed up each two weeks of the room favourite the special fertilizer intended for house plants. For not blossoming grades of euphorbia you can use fertilizer for cacti.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team