How to plant nut

How to plant nut

To grow up nut from nut - at all not tautology. For example, if to take walnut and it is correct to plant it, then through some time at you the wonderful nut tree will grow!


1. The nut tree can be grown up from fresh nut which crop is reaped in the current year. The easiest way of landing is to take several fresh nutlets and, overcoming temptation them immediately to eat, dig them to the earth. It is necessary to do it in the fall. If nuts are last year's, then it will reduce their viability and if to plant seeds which have lain in granaries several years then the result, most likely, will be zero.

2. In the fall nut is better to sit down in the subacidic earth which is dug over by shovel on depth of 8-10 centimeters. It is better to put nutlets in pole on edge. During the autumn period of landing it is not necessary to water.

3. If in your region it is better to cover low-snow winters, then landings of nut with thick layer of the fallen-down foliage - so he will better winter.

4. If the spring is dry and warm, then the bed with nuts needs to be watered. Gradually nuts will begin to sprout with interval from five days to one month. Happens that the nutlet can sprout also the next year therefore it is necessary to loosen bed with extra care.

5. There are also other ways of prorashchivaniye of walnut. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out stratification and preliminary soaking of seeds. It is necessary to consider that it is better to put nuts with thick peel on cold stratification, and with thin to ret in the warm place.

6. Jumping of nuts in soil happens after pass spring frosts. From above the soil is covered with sawdust. It is necessary in order that young escapes have not got solar burns.

7. It is simple to look after shoots - normal watering, scarification and weeding of weeds is required. Gradually small shoots will turn into magnificent trees!

8. By similar methods it is possible to plant seeds of hazelnut (filbert), Manchurian nut and other species of these fine trees.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team