How to plant trees on the site

How to plant trees on the site

Planting bushes, trees in garden, it is necessary to count the place of landing. To trees it has to be comfortable and when they grow. Choosing the place for landing, it is necessary to consider all moments. For example, whether there will be trees, growing up, to pose threat for residential building and danger to the people passing through the site.

Nearby with fence the trees should not be planted. In several years after young trees grow, they can be damaged or in general will die. Growing up, branches of trees are bent because of emphasis in protection, and the base can damage their roots.

Planting trees near site border, it is necessary to take its plan into account. In the legislation there are no accurately registered regulations on what distance from border of the neighbour's site will be suitable for planting of trees, but at the same time it must be kept in mind that neighbors can ask to cut off branches of the grown-up trees.

The tree growing near the house can injure facade of the house or its roof, the base of construction can be damaged because of tree roots. The leaves falling in the fall can hammer eaves gutter – it disturbs water drain.

It is impossible to plant large bushes and trees near residential building. If after all it is made quite so, the distance from facade of the house has to be a little more than the radius of krone of adult tree what it will become at the age of ten and more years. Such data can be learned in nursery or to find in literature. The same rule should be applied to planting of trees near fence.

Trees should not be planted near the communications passing through the site. On the plan of the site it is necessary to see the place of their arrangement. It is necessary to plant trees at distance at least two meters from them, but it is necessary to consider that the root system will branch – at some trees the roots reach more than four meters from trunk. Especially attentively it is necessary to watch fast-growing trees. For several years they can reach in height about twenty meters is birch or poplar, larch or nut.

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