How to prepare hydrangea for cold weather

How to prepare hydrangea for cold weather

With approach of fall the experienced gardeners begin to prepare for cold weather not only garden trees, but also single plants including room. So, for example, in the certain way it is necessary to handle hydrangea that she has well wintered.

If the hydrangea at you frost-resistant is also planted in garden, then its preparation for winter will not make big work. It is rather simple to hill bush near the plant basis. It is optional to cover in this case. In case hydrangea at you garden, but not frost-resistant, surely be engaged in more thorough training by cold weather. For this purpose since September stop to water this plant, remove leaves below. Experts say that such measure will help young shoots which are on bush, to become stronger by winter and it is good to sustain cold weather.

As soon as temperature on the street is almost subzero, tear off all leaves on stalk. There have to be only those which form peculiar lodge near inflorescence - they will protect kidneys from frost.

Spread out on the earth around bush wooden boards with the nails hammered into them. Then tie around plant branch trunk (it is possible twine, it is possible special tapes or tapes) and accurately incline them in the parties, tie escapes to nails. Fill up them with dry leaves and cover with special material which will help flowers to remain during winter cold weather. If the hydrangea is in garden, but at the same time is planted in special tub, its preparation will be slightly more difficult as it is necessary to trench in flower. First of all it is necessary to choose carefully the place where your flower will winter. It has to be the most solar place in garden. But you remember what cannot be done prikop in the place where underground waters are rather high. Dig peculiar trench which on depth will be 10 cm higher, than your flower. After you dig out the earth, establish in trench hydrangeato in pot or tub, cover the dug hole with boards and put material for concealment of plants. From above fill up this design with 20-tisantimetrovy layer of dry leaves. If you are not sure of quality of such storage, can strengthen in addition it, having issued air layer. Take empty boxes and establish them by bottom over trench up, powder them with foliage and soil. As for house hydrangea - she needs to be moved away simply from window. Or, as option, you can warm the window in addition.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team