How to put chestnut

How to put chestnut

Who at least once saw the blossoming chestnut, will never forget this show. The magnificent krone on spring literally flashes set of white candles. Besides, both chestnut flowers, and its fruits have medicinal properties therefore it is so clear to grow up desire of many people chestnut at itself under window.


1. It is the simplest to plant already ready sapling in soil. Consider that the chestnut needs quite big space for forming of beautiful sprawling krone. In this regard leave for each tree at least 5 meters of the free area around it. It is good if the place is solar, but also the easy half-shade too quite will suit chestnut.

2. Dig out hole in the form of cube with the party of 50-60 cm. Prepare substrate, having mixed the earth with humus and 0.5 kg of dolomite powder. Do not bury radical neck, and taking into account future land subsidence ennoble landing hole of centimeters on 10-15. Water sapling with large amount of water, establish around it the supporting props until the root system of chestnut gets stronger to resist to wind gusts.

3. The people wishing to grow up chestnut from nut most often fail. They pick nuts, bring home, take great pain them to process or to couch. Chestnuts either do not ascend in general, or perish at very early stage. At the same time around adult tree it is often possible to notice the young growth which is violently going to growth without any tricks.

4. Surprise of unlucky gardeners is clear, but they should recognize that they peremudrit. It is required to seeds of chestnut long, from 2 to 5 months, endurance in humid and cold environment. Therefore just leave nuts to winter on the street. At the same time it is not necessary to dig in them to the soil, just make small deepening in the earth, put in it nut, powder with the fallen-down foliage, excelsior and other autumn garbage. Forget for a while about chestnut, and in the spring he will sprout in time put to it.

5. If you want to couch brought to you from where nut, wrap it in damp gauze and put in fridge door before germination. Then the sprout of chestnut can be transferred to the soil. However chances of its survival will not exceed 50%.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team