How to put persimmon stone

How to put persimmon stone

It is not so difficult to grow up persimmon tree in house conditions. Observance of the basic rules on processing of stone and due care for plant will allow you to decorate your room with unusual magnificent tree.

It is required to you

  • - persimmon stone;
  • - soil;
  • - fertilizer;
  • - capacity for landing of stone.


1. Take stone from fresh fruit. Properly wash out it and dry.

2. Place universal soil in small capacity. It can be got in specialized shop. Place stone in soil on depth of 1-2 centimeters and water with clear water of room temperature a little. Cover capacity with cellophane film or glass and place in the warm place, for example, on the battery.

3. Before emergence of the first shoots periodically air capacity. Also in process of drying of the soil water it. As soon as there are first leaflets cellophane film (glass) remove.

4. The mature sprout of persimmon grows to 10-15 cm. Very often the stone does not fall down independently because of what the plant can die. To remove the stone remains by means of scissors or sharp knife accurately remove it, without having damaged sprout. If she very densely sits, previously steam out her, having sprayed and having covered with cellophane bag for the night.

5. Do not forget that this plant with high-growth root system therefore systematically replace it in larger capacity. At lack of the place the sprout can die.

6. Grow up plant in well lit place. Also it it is possible to arrange on the balcony (loggia), or in the yard.

7. During the vegetative period do not forget about fertilizers. For this purpose in advance buy mineral and organic substrate and alternate its use.

8. For the winter period place plant in the room with low temperature, at the same time cover soil with layer of damp sawdust. From time to time they need to be sprayed that the soil has not dried up. Make transfer of tree in the spring, it is abundant water and put on the light place.

9. As a rule, the persimmon tree in house conditions reaches height – 1-1.5 meters. At the same time it needs to spray and be not to allowed regularly excess watering of soil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team