How to put the electromagnetic lock

How to put the electromagnetic lock

The door in the electromagnetic lock is kept by powerful electromagnet on which winding there passes current. The powerful electromagnetic field holding blanking plate is as a result created. As soon as the chain is disconnected, the field disappears, and the door can be opened easily.

It is required to you

  • - four-core and strong cable;
  • - uninterruptible power supply unit;
  • - drill;
  • - screw-driver;
  • - hammer.


1. Choose the lock with the necessary force of deduction corresponding to the weight of door on which it will be established. For easy inside doors use locks with force of deduction of 150 kg, for street doors – 200-250 kg. On heavy metal doors put the locks calculated on deduction of efforts up to 1000 kg.

2. For fixing of provision of anchor insert pin into anchor plate. For this purpose the anchor needs to be put on plain horizontal surface and to hammer pin into opening with easy blow. Drill bushing hole at doors. Attach anchor plate to door.

3. Fix on door case opposite to anchor plate the body of the electromagnetic lock. Trace that when closing door the working surfaces of anchor plate and the body densely adjoined to each other.

4. Connect electromagnet, the opening button, the reader and indicators to control and management system for access. Connect the controller through uninterruptible power supply unit to network of 220 V.

5. Connect separate four-core cable control system to the outputs of the gerkonovy sensor and Hall sensor. Use of separate cable will allow to reduce influence of switching hindrances on loops of sensors.

6. Check operability of the lock on the built-in indicator of the position sensor of door which functions irrespective of availability of supply voltage. Red color of the indicator at the closed door means that the lock is serviceable if the green indicator lights up, take measures to ensuring due blocking of door.

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