How to receive hybrid

How to receive hybrid

Thanks to such science as selection, has become possible to create new plant varieties, their hybrids. Hybridization is used also at cultivation of wild strawberry. Any beginning selector needs to know that more success it is possible to achieve when choosing the best initial parental plants. In case with cultivation of wild strawberry and not only it you have to choose maternal plant which will be pollinated also plant father which will pollinate.

It is required to you

  • saplings, knife, garden gloves.


1. Practically all the best grades wild strawberry possess both floors at once. Therefore that the wild strawberry could not samoopylyatsya, remove in it stamens. For this purpose choose some flowers appearing some of the first.

2. Tear off the remained flowers. It is better to carry out all these actions in gloves and by means of scissors, sharp knife or scalpel, trying to be as it is possible more accurately as careless actions you can accidentally crush boots that will provoke self-pollination. You carry out process of castration of bush of wild strawberry in four-five days prior to dissolution of flowers.

3. After you have carried out castration, cover wild strawberry with film or the cut-off plastic bottles to avoid hit on plants of foreign pollen.

4. From plant father collect pollen from boots some days before disclosure of flowers. It is possible to collect it, having torn off flowers and having put in glass about covered with dry paper on which pollen will be showered. This pollen will remain suitable for carrying out pollination several days. You store such pollen at temperature not higher than five-ten degrees.

5. As soon as boots crack from the emitted pollen, start the process of hybridization. Begin to pollinate plant from preparation of the room ensuring safety of plants from hit of foreign pollen. You carry out pollination by means of brush, you apply pollen on pestles of maternal plant. When providing standard conditions you will be able to achieve maturing of the first fruits approximately in 25–30 days.

6. For receiving seeds of the hybrid received by you just crush fruits on white paper or glass and after pulp dries scrape off seeds. It is possible to store them quite long period of time, maintaining storage temperature of 1-4 degrees.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team