How to reel up the welding machine

How to reel up the welding machine

During the work at the dacha or in country house can be required to make water supply system, to build enclosures for pets, to make shower or the greenhouse. Similar works require the welding machine which can be bought in retail chain stores or to make independently. Its basis is formed by the lowering transformer.

It is required to you

  • — transformer core;
  • — wire of 15-20 sq. mm;
  • — safety plug;
  • — ampermeter of alternating current;
  • — copper tube.


1. Arrange network winding on core magnetic conductor in two main ways. The first gives the chance to receive the "rigid" mode of welding. Network (primary) winding will consist of 2 identical windings which reel up on different sides of the core.

2. You make winding of wire on the isolated yoke only in one direction. Isolate each layer of winding layer of cotton isolation (electric-grade cardboard, fiber glass fabric, tracing-paper) which has to be impregnated with bakelite varnish.

3. Connect windings among themselves consistently. They have to have the identical section of wires.

4. Make for adjustment of the leaving current on each winding branches. Close them in pairs. Zaludite also mark conclusions of windings.

5. Fix them by cotton tape. Put on cotton cambric conclusions of network winding.

6. Use the second method of winding of network winding for welding transformer for "soft" way of welding. Make winding for this purpose on one side of the core.

7. Check after winding of network (primary) winding of welding set rounds for korotkozamknutost and correctness of their quantity. For this purpose include welding transformer in network via the safety lock (4-6 A) and the ampermeter of alternating current. In case the safety lock is strongly heated or burns down, then it is sign of short-circuited round.

8. Rewind the primary winding, paying attention to quality of insulating material. When the device publishes strong noise, and current exceeds 2-3 A, so that number of rounds of network winding low.

9. Reel up necessary quantity. The welding machine consumes current idling 1-1.5 A, not strongly rustles and is not heated.

10. Reel up secondary winding on two sides of the core. At the first way of winding it will consist of 2 identical half which include opposite in parallel, for stability of arch. Take in this case the section of wire of 15-20 sq. mm.

11. Use for the second way winding of secondary winding by the following method - at first on free side of the core reel up 2/3 from the total number of rounds. It will serve for arch arson, and during welding tension on it decreases approximately by 85%.

12. Reel up other 35-40% of rounds as additional welding winding over network. It will support in certain limits tension when welding and also welding current.

13. Make switching of windings in the welding machine by means of copper terminals and tips. For this purpose it is possible to use copper tubes of the necessary diameter 30 mm long.

14. Fix in them wires by soldering or molding.

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