How to register kitchen in rural style

How to register kitchen in rural style

The rural style (style of country) thanks to the simplicity and the atmosphere of old times is one of the most popular interior decisions. Registration of kitchen in this style does not demand big investments therefore the rural style perfectly will approach in case there is a wish to update and decorate old kitchen, however there is no opportunity to make expensive repairs.

Color gamma

The style of country assumes naturalness therefore at registration you should not use acid colors. Will approach pastel tone, such as beige, golden, celestial-blue, light gray, brown. 

It is impossible to forget that colors have to be combined among themselves. The kitchen registered only in light tones will look faintly and boringly therefore it is better to observe contrast: for example, against the background of light walls, carved boxes from dark tree and vice versa - brown walls will emphasize grace of light furniture perfectly look.

The general quiet pastel gamma can be diluted with bright accessories of red, green and blue colors.


One of special style of country which creates this rural atmosphere - part of furniture and accessories have to be indoors made with own hands or to look so. 

The important role is occupied by textiles: red cloth in peas, multi-colored covers on chairs, unusual curtains, figured napkins and towels from natural fabrics diversify and will recover situation.

Unlike style the minimalism, in country is practically not present restrictions for quantity of accessories therefore it is possible to place safely on shelves of figurine, the photo within and the souvenirs storing pleasant memories.


Making out the room in rural style, professional designers select each piece of furniture separately - it does interior to more live as if such situation has developed in the room over time. But to combine all elements so that as a result everything looked harmoniously, to the nonprofessional it will be difficult therefore it is better to get the ready set of furniture suitable on style.

Furniture from natural wood which surface is made old artificially will look good, it is also possible to choose something from the real antiques. That modern household appliances with glossy surface were not beaten out from interior, it is better to hide them - for example, to build in cabinets.

If dimensions of kitchen allow, instead of set of suspended lockers it is possible to put buffet and chests. The buffet in itself looks rather roughly and massivno therefore it has to be decorated with engraving, glass doors or even mirror - all these elements will give it ease. 

The wicker furniture will be suitable for small kitchen - as it is produced from natural materials, she will perfectly fit into rural style. Advantage of such furniture is that it is easy to rearrange it. 

Registration of kitchen in style of country does not demand special design skills: there are no strict restrictions, it is important only that the interior looked comfortably and harmoniously.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team