How to register kitchen living room

How to register kitchen living room

Association of two functional zones – kitchen and the living room – ideal option for small-sized apartments. Competent distribution of square meters and the thought-over planning will allow to avoid emergence of unpleasant side effects (smells of the preparing food, lack of working space, etc.).


1. Develop the project of kitchen living room. The decision on where and in what style to issue kitchen-living room it is better to accept on projecting phase of process of reconstruction of the apartment. In the preliminary project it is possible to designate desirable style, placement of household appliances and furniture, that is the main foci and elements. Present the project plan in the form of the detailed sketch, so it will be easier for you to study parts.

2. Define quantity, type and form of household appliances. From as far as the kitchen will be equipped, the required area of work area and arrangement of furniture depends. Compact corners with the built-in plate, dish washer, oven and other modern devices are convenient.

3. Pick up furniture. The most successful option are furniture transforming sets. The cabinet "hiding" sink, the shelf with ware and cooking surface it will be ideal for kitchen living room – hiding working surfaces, such designs will provide harmonious and attractive look for kitchen. The displayed and leaning back tables allow to save space and do not break the general stylistics of the room.

4. Designate conditional division of zones. The bar counter which often performs functions of dining table will help to separate work area (kitchen) and recreation area (living room). It is the most probable option of division of space, but it is possible to use also implicit signs. Design receptions – small porozhek, floor of different color or various types of covering, lighting sources will help to replace formal partition.

5. Place luminous sources competently. Changing options of placement of sources of artificial lighting, it is possible to achieve desirable visual effects. Good illumination will make possible to focus attention on separate elements of the living room or kitchen – depending on situation.

6. Place accessories. It will not be possible to register kitchen living room comfortably and with individual shade without placement of decorative trifles and knickknacks. Choose bright elements and place them taking into account planning and the chosen style.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team