How to remove soot

How to remove soot

The soot is deposit from smoke or the formed soot layer which includes oil, pitch and carbon. To remove this black greasy raid extremely difficult, but it is possible.


1. If on clothes there are spots from soot and soot, then they are deleted when washing. But previously moisten spots with turpentine, then wash thing in soap solution and carefully rinse. If spot very old, add egg yolk to turpentine and mix before receiving by density of sour cream.

2. Then very carefully warm up mix, it is better to make it on steam bath, and wipe spot with this mix. Then wash thing with soap and rinse in clear water several times. If the spot is fresher, then the bread crumb will help. Rub the polluted site with bread, then wash in warm water.

3. If you tide up the room where there is a lot of soot and soot, put on rubber gloves, old clothes, headdress if it is necessary, then and anti-dust mask, goggles. Begin with dry cleaning, using the vacuum cleaner or broom. Remove soot according to the following scheme: from top to down, short movements.

4. After dry cleaning make damp. It is possible to prepare cleanser from two tablespoons of soda and 2 cups of hot water. Wash Zakopchenny places with this mix, using bast. If the soot is on ceramic tile, then here you will be helped by cleaning agents for removal of fat, they are in shops of household chemicals.

5. The soot from wall-paper can try to be removed by means of laundry detergent for white linen which contains bleach. From plastic surfaces of spot from soot and soot well clean up Domestosy. Solution of hydrochloric acid and means with chlorine content will help with fight against soot of 2%.

6. The spot from soot contains fat. Therefore previously the spot can be processed gasoline or white spirit, and then to wash up soap solution. And if you want to get rid of smell of burning and soot, coffee will come to the rescue here. Scatter it in several places, it will absorb unpleasant smell and it will become easier to breathe.

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