How to remove spots from sweat on white

How to remove spots from sweat on white

Many people lead active lifestyle: work, gym, shops, walks. In this regard it is possible to observe the increased sweating which spoils not only exterior, but also radiates unpleasant smell. It is difficult to wash spots from sweat on white clothes, around spot the aura of yellow color which practically does not give in to influence of normal soap is formed. However there are several ways which will help you to cope with this problem.

It is required to you

  • 1) Gasoline, ammoniac solution, rag or cotton tampon.
  • 2) 3% hydrogen peroxide.
  • 3) Table salt, water, gauze or sponge.
  • 4) Ammonia solution or drill, cotton tampon.
  • 5) Ammonia solution, denatured alcohol.


1. Before starting removal of yellow spot from sweat on white clothes, it is necessary to use ammoniac solution and gasoline. Moisten cotton tampon or piece of material in gasoline and process spot, after that carefully rub the place of spot from sweat the rag moistened with ammoniac solution. Pay special attention to spot contours, they usually have unpleasant yellow color if you properly do not wipe them, they will appear after drying of clothes again. It was necessary only to wash thing in soap solution and to rinse carefully in warm water.

2. On light things the yellow aura from sweat often appears. Even if it is almost imperceptible, it is necessary to start its removal immediately, otherwise over time the spot will become more and more brightly, and it will be much more difficult to remove it. It is possible to bleach aura of yellow color by means of the rag, the wetted in hydrogen peroxide of 3%. After that rinse thing in warm water and dry up. At insufficient action repeat the procedure.

3. To remove spot from sweat on cotton, woolen and silk fabric, use normal solution of table salt. Take one tablespoon of salt and dissolve in glass of pure and warm water. Moisten gauze or sponge in this solution and rub the place of pollution. It was necessary to wash thing in warm water, to rinse and dry up thing. This way is ideal for things from white fabric. You should not use for color products.

4. It is possible to remove spots from sweat on white clothes by means of solution from drills or ammonia solution. For this purpose mix one teaspoon of one of the transferred funds with glass of water. Moisten cotton tampon in solution and carefully rub spot, then rinse fabric in warm and clear water.

5. For removal of spots from sweat on silk fabric use mix from denatured alcohol and 10% ammonia solution in the ratio 1:1.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team