How to remove the faded spots on clothes

How to remove the faded spots on clothes

The faded spots on clothes - the phenomenon which is very often found. It is enough to put only accidentally in the machine thing with unstable paint, and all - the unpleasant result is provided. However, availability of such problem does not say that things need to be thrown out. They quite still can be saved. The main thing is to pick up the correct way of disposal of the faded spots.

It is required to you

  • - bleach;
  • - laundry soap;
  • - stain remover;
  • - dry-cleaner


1. If things on which there were faded spots, white then you can easily wash them, having only wetted for about 15-20 minutes in whiteness. If color, then try to place them in the container with water and addition of stain remover for color linen. In case thing of mixed color, for example, white and yellow, and the spot has appeared on yellow, then act this way. Take small clean rag, wet it in whiteness, and then slowly begin to wipe spot. After each of these manipulations wash things again, and on them you will not find spots any more.

2. There is also such way of disposal of the faded spots. As soon as have got things from the washing machine and have found accident, at once hackney spots laundry soap and leave a little to lie down. Later put in solution of laundry detergent too a little to lie down. And then again wash.

3. In certain cases national handymen suggest to scroll once again the spoiled things in the washing machine at big temperature of washing.

4. There is also special powder which is intended for these purposes. Is on sale, as a rule, in special sections of big supermarkets or in household shops. If you decide to use it, then remember that this powder is very poisonous, that is it is necessary to work with it only in rubber gloves, otherwise will burn skin of hands.

5. If spots cannot be removed, it is possible to try to get rid of them, having recoloured thing. But it is possible only if your thing has been painted in one shade. Then it is just necessary to pick up the paint similar in color to that which has faded and to dissolve it with water. Then to place your affected clothes in this solution.

6. If you not really trust yourself or do not know from what side to be risen to removal of the faded spots, then your exit - dry-cleaner. Carry your spoiled things to professionals, and they will try to correct your trouble. However it is necessary to consider that it will cost you in certain sum of money.

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