How to repair clothes

How to repair clothes

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It is more than clothes, favourite and different! All of us (well, or the majority) like to dress well and to look accurately. But what if the favourite thing has prematurely failed? How to repair clothes so that she looked good again?

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1. For a start we will examine thing: how crucially the shortcoming looks. The flown-away button on pocket of jeans sometimes it is not noticeable at all if not to look and to consider quantity on the right and at the left, and here with hole in half-sleeves it is already hardly possible to think up something. If everything can be corrected, we do the following.

2. Extended or knees full of holes and elbows perfectly are under repair appliques. Modern production produces hundreds of different options of logos of the known brands, stripes or lovely animals. Choose that to you to liking – butterfly on the "wounded" knee of the burned trousers or breast chevron on the place of small hole. Perfectly leather "elbow pieces" on the rubbed sleeves woolen jackets – the trend beaten more than once by the famous designers of the whole world look.

3. It is easy to darn the thing which has dispersed on seams on the machine, it is necessary to stitch only accurately along seam, having tried "to enter" imperceptibly from seam and also "to come to naught" accurately. Most likely, after reversing the defect will not be noticeable at all, but remember – if fabric has not sustained load of the place of tension any more, then new "wound" along previous will not keep long itself waiting.

4. The simplest - darning of small holes, the main rule here is to pick up threads in tone. Sewing up hole in the same color, you do the place of darning absolutely imperceptible. Better once to attend to the necessary shade of threads, than then to look silly when strings of other color are noticeable on the thing which is put on body.

5. It is better to sew up kapron products with kapron threads. Earlier our mothers extended kapron threads from old Chulkov and tights – such thread was ideal. Now, in age of new technologies it is necessary only to stock up with kapron strings of those shades of panty hoses which you carry.

6. The last council – all seams needs to be done, having turned product inside out. Sewing up thus, you leave uneven edge of the former opening near at hand, and after reversing on face there is only small, absolutely imperceptible "scar" from former "wound".

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