How to repair jack

How to repair jack

The main destination of jacks – rise and fixing of heavy objects at certain height. Motorists when it is necessary to replace wheel use such load-lifting mechanisms. If there is need under repair of jack, the first that needs to be made, - to choose car service.

It is required to you

  • - contact information
  • - phone
  • - contract
  • - preliminary record


1. Be defined about HUNDRED which will make repair jack. Today it is possible to choose car service, but in it and the main problem consists. The enterprise has to correspond to number of criteria, to basic of which the period of operation, range of the provided services, availability of the special equipment, qualification of masters, provision of guarantees belong. It is desirable to choose firm where you were served already earlier, or according to the recommendation of acquaintances.

2. Before going to service for repair of the automobile equipment, call there, characterize fault and previously coordinate time and date of visit. It will save further from need of expectation of the moment, so far to be released someone from the staff of the station.

3. Insist on that survey of jack regarding malfunctions and definition of their reason, were carried out at you. After the reasons are established, take an interest in duration of repair work, order of their carrying out and cost.

4. Sign about HUNDRED written contract for rendering services in repair of jack in which surely stipulate specific terms and the prices, pay special attention to responsibility of the parties and volume of the provided guarantees. In case of new fault during action of guarantee it will be much simpler to exercise the rights of the consumer.

5. When advancing works and final settlement surely take the cash voucher which confirms payment of the rendered services. Accept the repaired equipment only after check of its working capacity. The fact of transfer of the automobile tool to the owner is followed by signing of the relevant act of the performed works. Do not sign this document until make sure that the jack is serviceable.

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