How to repair radiator

How to repair radiator

If you go on the direct road and feel that in inside of your car very unpleasant sweetish and luscious smell has appeared, most likely, in your cooling system there was leak. And it only the beginning. If the temperature recorder has begun to read off scale, through the radiator grille steam has begun to rise, and from radiator liquid has begun to drip – there is reason for concern. You need to change radiator.

  • For this purpose you will need the convenient location for repair, actually new radiator, heat-transfer liquid, jack, standard tools for car repairs and economic gloves.

1. Muffle the car and let's it stand – before full cooling.

2. Lift cowl. Accurately lower a little clips on coolant hoses and disconnect hoses from nozzle. It becomes in order that liquids have not mixed up among themselves.

3. Take some unnecessary basin and substitute under radiator. Give to radiator the chance to flow down completely.

4. Unfasten fasteners and take out radiator.

5. Compare old and new radiators. They have to be identical – in this case you will have no problems with installation.

6. Establish new radiator. Try to make it accurately: it is impossible to crumple its plates at all – it will worsen heat exchange.

7. Reinstall upside-down hoses and fitting, clasp clips.

8. Fill in heat-transfer liquid and let's the machine stand.

9. Include ignition. If during operating time of the engine there are no leakages, means – you have successfully replaced old radiator with new.

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