How to repair the door handle

How to repair the door handle

The door handle can be loosened over time, and even come off door. Then it needs to be fixed. Some handles krupitsya by means of the pin passed throughout through hole, and others - two or four self-tapping screws.

It is required to you

  • - screw driver or set of screw-drivers;
  • - bits for the screw driver;
  • - self-tapping screws.


1. Define type of the door handle. If it has the spherical, conical or similar shape, so for its fastening the through pin is used. It connects among themselves two identical products located from the opposite sides of door. Handles, imyushchy bracket form, fasten independently of each other. If to remove any of them, the second will remain on the place.

2. To remove product of the first type, open door, and then begin to rotate any of two handles counterclockwise, holding at the same time the second and also both decorative pads. Then separate them - the pin will remain in one of them. If necessary adjust the pin so that its length was enough for deduction of both handles. Apply pads back, insert that from handles to which the pin is attached, put on it from the opposite side another, and then strong turn manually without use of tools.

3. If the door handle having the bracket form was loosened try to wrap all two or four self-tapping screws the screw-driver or the screw driver. Sometimes it does not help - screws are scrolled. Then turn out them. From them which have direct slits replace those with cross - more convenient to roll them. Slightly shift the handle so that, on the one hand, it still closed itself old openings, and with another - that all four self-tapping screws have been screwed in new places. Rolling them, do not make excessive efforts, also they will be scrolled differently. On the screw driver use the torque limiter for prevention of such situations. It is the best of all to have such handle not horizontally, and vertically - so it is more convenient to undertake it hand.

4. Rather seldom the combined handles meet. They are similar to products of the first type, but their decorative pads fasten self-tapping screws. If it is necessary to make new openings for fastening of pad, unroll it concerning the pin by 45 degrees - then the square will turn into rhombus, or on the contrary. Then fix pad.

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