How to repair well

How to repair well

For water supply of many rural and country houses wells are used. Correctly made well can regularly serve decades – nevertheless, even the best wells sometimes need under repair.


1. If the well wooden and under repair needs its decayed land part, accurately sort it, without allowing hit of garbage in well. Too make new elevated part wooden. If underground wreaths of well are made of thick logs and are in good condition, is admissible to make external part brick, thickness in half-brick. Outside of it surely plaster.

2. At dilapidation of underground part of wooden well strengthen it larch boards. Beat them vertically to walls of well and strengthen in addition cross larch bars. At first fix boards in upper part of well. Then, having pumped out or having taken out water, strengthen its lower part.

3. If the well is laid out brick and underground part of laying has begun to collapse, evaluate extent of necessary reconstruction. In case of insignificant destructions – for example, losses of separate bricks, restore the destroyed sites, using qualitative cement slurry.

4. In case destructions are big or certain sites of laying begin to be stuck out in well, strengthen well walls metal rings. Use strips of sheet metal plate 5 millimeters thick, 50 centimeters high and of half of internal perimeter of well.

5. At first in the place of future finding of ring hammer between bricks on circle metal pins with step about 50 centimeters. Pins have to act over laying on 3-5 centimeters. Weld the metal strip bent in well form on these pins, it will strengthen half of circle.

6. Weld the second strip, having strengthened the remained half of circle of well. It will be heavy and inconvenient to work with the whole strip at once - on all perimeter of well therefore you divide it into two parts. Begin strengthening of walls of well with metal strips from above as it is very dangerous to go down in the damaged well. It is admissible to strengthen only the most destroyed sites.

7. Sometimes in slot between bricks or rings in well the verkhovodka – the low-quality underground water which is near surface breaks. In this case at first clean slots on depth to ten centimeters, then approximately chuck in them five centimeters with clay. Well stamp clay. When water ceases to arrive, carefully cement slots.

8. Do not forget that work in wells is connected with toxic hazard poisonous gases. Widespread council to check their availability by naked flame – for example, the lowered candle, it is wrong. If in well methane has accumulated, explosion can follow. If carbon monoxide, fire shows nothing. The gone-out candle can signal only about availability of carbon dioxide (in this case it is impossible to go down in well too).

9. For definition of availability of dangerous gases use gas analyzer. At its absence it is admissible to use small animals – rodents, hens, etc. They are lowered in cage on well bottom for several minutes. If they feel normally, in well it is possible to work.

10. Never you make repairs of well alone. Going down, surely tie round safety rope, its length has to exceed well depth on two meters. At feeling of the slightest indisposition immediately leave well.

11. At repair of the silted well you fix rope to bucket with the carbine which is taken out by silt. Use helmet – it will save you from injuries if your workmate misses rope with bucket.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team