How to replace dieffenbachia

How to replace dieffenbachia

The dieffenbachia is quite popular houseplant which is grown up at offices and apartments. This ornamental evergreen plant has large leaves with motley coloring and at the correct leaving reaches height of two meters. Sooner or later dieffenbachias as well as any other plant, needs change. As it is correct to replace it not to damage roots?

It is required to you

  • - pot;
  • - humus;
  • - sand;
  • - cespitose earth;
  • - peat;
  • - pricker;
  • - haydite.


1. The dieffenbachia very quickly grows in young age therefore it needs change every year in the early spring. First of all prepare soil substrate of two parts of the cespitose earth, one part of the peat earth, one part of humus and half of part of bank coarse sand. If the soil has turned out heavy, it is recommended to increase amount of sand. Carefully mix all substrate.

2. Prepare new pot which has to be more than previous everything on couple of centimeters. Do not use for change too big capacity as surplus of the soil which is not developed by dieffenbachia roots leads to souring of the earth, and it is fraught with death of flower. If at the bottom there are no drainage holes, do them by means of the pricker (heated over fire).

3. Lay drainage layer in the form of small pebble, haydite or beaten crocks on bottom of the prepared pot. Then add a little soil substrate and it is accurate, without destroying integrity of earth lump, pass plant from small pot in new. Water dieffenbachia with the warm, settled water.

4. During the spring and winter period provide houseplant with good lighting. For this purpose put pot on windowsill of the window which is from South side. It is possible to use artificial lighting in the form of daylight lamps. It is recommended to remove dieffenbachia in shadow in the summer not to burn leaves direct sunshine.

5. This plant needs certain temperature condition. During spring and summer season the dieffenbachia feels comfortable at temperature of 20-22 degrees. At more high temperature provide high air humidity, spraying plant from spray with soft and otstoyanny water. Once a week wash flower under shower, cleaning it thereby from dust.

6. It is necessary to remember that the dieffenbachia is poisonous plant (at hit of juice on skin the inflammation can begin or has swelled) therefore during the work with this flower use gloves. Keep out small children and pets.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team