How to replace house orchid

How to replace house orchid

Orchids will perfectly decorate any room with the beautiful flowers. But sometimes they need change on the new place. As well as in what cases it needs to be done?

Replace orchids only in two cases: right after purchase if capacity not absolutely is suitable for flower and every 2-3 year for updating of substrate and increase in pot.

In the first case the need of replacing of orchid arises if the bought or presented flower is in ordinary plastic flat dish. Roots of plant have to breathe constantly. Because of it they are replaced in wattled baskets or perforated pots which well pass air.

In the second case in process of growth the root system of orchid develops and over time occupies all pot. For the further growth and blossoming it needs to increase this capacity. Also there can be acidulation of substrate and it leads to change of plant on the new place too.

After the choice of pot it is necessary to pave the way for change of flower correctly. For it the mix consisting of the crushed bark of coniferous trees, sphagnum moss and wood charcoal undertakes. Bark of coniferous trees is baking powder, the sphagnum moss distributes humidity, preventing rotting of roots, and the wood charcoal absorbs surplus of moisture and putrefactive substances.

On bottom of pot fill drainage material, for example haydite. After that it is possible to pass directly to change of plant. Orchids can be replaced only after the end of blossoming.

During change handle plant very carefully. Any damage of green root can lead to irreversible consequences. That it was easier to take plant from pot, for some time it is lowered in water. Then carefully take flower and perform visual examination. If have noticed sick roots better them at once to remove. The pot is filled with soil on 1/3 part, adding substrate of the previous capacity. On it useful microorganisms which protect roots of plant contain and live with them in symbiosis. Further lower flower and straighten its root system. It can be recorded twine through openings in pot. Then in it fill up substrate so that the rhizome remained on surface. From above roots cover with sphagnum moss. Nothing terrible will be if part of roots remains on air.

The replaced orchid is not watered until roots do not start over again going to growth. At this moment it is replaced with spraying. Further it is impossible to allow substrate dryings, but also excess moisture of orchid is not loved.

If to follow all basic rules at change of orchid on the new place, then already shortly you will have beautiful flowers in house conditions again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team