How to replace hoyyu

How to replace hoyyu

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Matchless hoya – true decoration of the family center and besides, speak, brings happiness to the house. The perfect place for it – the bedroom. But not worse the plant and in the conditions of office feels. Caring hands, observance of simple rules of cohabitation – and this wax ivy will be capable to braid all wall of the room and besides to please periodically in flowers.


1. The flower of hoya is quite whimsical, does not love empty concern, shift from place to place. You should not replace often hoyyu too – better than times in 2-3 years. It is better to do change in the middle of the spring when the plant does not blossom, and on it buds for blossoming were not even tied. Not to ruin hoyyu change, and on the contrary to improve its conditions of accommodation, it is enough to follow only five simple rules.

2. Rule first. If you have bought new plant in pot, take it weeks 3-4 without changes there. Give the chance to flower though partially not to lose touch with usual conditions.

3. Rule second. The new pot for plant should not differ considerably from old increase diameter of everything by 2-3 centimeters, no more. Hoya, as well as the majority of epiphytes, cacti, succulents, loves close pots. In excessively spacious pots these plants in general can die. There is it because the root system of flowers is not strongly developed. Small roots cannot reach moisture, and in big pot the soil damp from above in the middle can be bone-dry. Thus, in the soil damp from above the plant perishes from thirst.

4. Rule third. Replacing plant, you watch that the earth lump was not damaged. You should not try to straighten the roots which are getting out out of lump limits, just it is better to cut off them. If you have noticed small white or yellow crumbs in lump – at all do not delete them. White is polyfoam, and yellow – fertilizers.

5. Rule fourth. Correctly pick up pot. Both plastic pots, and clay have the advantages. If presumably the plant has to live on cold windowsill, then the choice here, certainly, behind plastic. If hoya lives on table or near heating batteries, then here it is better to choose clay pot. In it the soil will breathe, and it should not be loosened. One more important factor – drainage hole. The it is more, the better. It is necessary to stack drainage on bottom of pot: small clay crocks, the crushed polyfoam (is suitable for inhabitants of windowsill better), wood charcoal. For hoya height of drainage has to be not less fifth part of height of pot.

6. Rule fifth. In the first week after change hide your pet from direct sunshine. Correctly replaced hvoya will please you at the time in great colors and will precisely add joy and happiness to your house.

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