How to replace rubber-bearing ficus

How to replace rubber-bearing ficus

The rubber-bearing ficus is unpretentious in leaving therefore it enjoys wide popularity among house plants. Change is carried out when the ficus expands, and its roots get out of drainage holes in pot.

It is required to you

  • Ficus, pot, substrate, water.


1. The following signs say that the container became ficus very close: the roots which are sticking out of drainage holes, fast drying-out of the soil after watering, the earth in pot which is completely braided with roots. You make change in the spring or in the summer: at this time the plant takes root better. The method of change is called transfer, that is roots in process are not exempted from earth lump.

2. Choose pot which diameter will be 2-3 cm more than previous. Buy special nutritious soil in flower shop or prepare substrate independently. For this purpose you need sand - 1\2 part, peat - 1 part, the coniferous earth - 1 part. If to plant several years, structure of the soil has to be such: coniferous mix - 1 part, humus - 1 part, the cespitose earth - 1 part, the sheet earth - 1 part and peat - 1 part. Optimum temperature for change: +18 +23os. You do not make change in too hot weather: will be strongly dry, the ficus will wither and will deteriorate.

3. Before taking plant, well water it. The rubber-bearing ficus easily will leave pot. Shake the earth from roots a little so that not to damage plant. Later place rubber-bearing ficus in new pot. In the bottom of tub surely lay out drainage layer: haydite, polyfoam and so on. Add the fresh earth from all directions that in the earth there were no emptiness. The root neck should not be buried. After transfer water ficus.

4. If change is complicated because of big age of plant, just replace top soil. Consider that after change the root system needs some time for adaptation. Therefore be ready that at first growth of ficus will slow down. Most often it happens because of too big new pot.

5. From October to February at rubber-bearing ficus dormant period. At this time it lacks light, is warm. Often because of it there is dumping of leaves. This period is not suitable for change. Consider that in house conditions the ficuses do not blossom. Therefore even after change you should not wait for emergence of flowers. If desired to limit growth of ficus do not replace it. It is necessary to spend only each 3-4 years to scrap of escapes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team