How to replace tea rose

How to replace tea rose

Tea, or fragrant rose – plant from family of dogrose. Selection grades successfully grow up in midland of Russia where they blossom on extent of all summer. At change it is necessary to observe the main agrotechnical receptions.

It is required to you

  • - mineral fertilizer;
  • - shanks;
  • - layers;
  • - root offsprings.


1. Replace tea rose in the place protected from wind. The basic rule of change – ensuring fertility of the soil, thorough training of soil. The place where you are going to replace tea rose, carefully dig over on depth of 20-25 cm. Introduce complex mineral fertilizer before which use attentively read the instruction. Now in specialized shops for gardeners and gardeners it is possible to buy the complex fertilizer intended for preparation of the soil before landing of flower beds.

2. You carry out direct change of tea rose by transfer. Deepen bush with lump of the earth on 20 cm, stamp soil around, water. If rose rather high, tie it initially to lane. The sectional hybrid of tea rose perfectly takes root without additional support. The main thing – provide systematic watering and temporarily shade again replaced plant from direct sunshine. In three days the artificial shadowing can be removed.

3. At change of tea rose it is possible to use layers, root offsprings. Also reproduction is made by means of division of bush. You carry out all manipulations on change in the early spring or late fall. During blossoming the tea rose can be replaced only by transfer. At the same time consider that the plant repeatedly not earlier than next year will blossom.

4. Change of tea rose shanks differs a little. Cut off each shank under oblique angle of 45 degrees on 1.5 cm. Seat the prepared shanks for rooting, having covered with cellophane initially. As soon as boring appears and will get stronger, replace them to the constant place by transfer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team