How to replace windows independently

How to replace windows independently

Modern window systems are adapted to weather conditions of our country. They perfectly resist to bad weather, keeping heat and cosiness in the house. Reliability and durability of window depends, first of all, on correctness of its installation.

It is required to you

  • - perforator
  • - nail-catcher
  • - hacksaw
  • - polyurethane foam
  • - compressed sealing strip
  • - silicone sealant
  • - plaster
  • - cord


1. Dismantle old windows. By means of nail-catcher tear off platbands, open shutters wide open and remove them from loops. For this purpose place nail-catcher under heel of shutter and turn of the tool lift it up.

2. Then the perforator or the hammer and skarpely break inner slopes of wall to release elbow board. Take it two hands and, shaking, bring out of the lower bar.

3. Tear off old outflow from the street party. Saw box in several places and pieces break out it from aperture by means of nail-catcher. After removal of old window clean aperture from garbage and tow.

4. Prepare new window frame for installation. Having removed shutters and fillet, take out double-glazed window. Remove protective film. Attach assembly plates to frame. Insert into aperture frame with prishchelknuty connecting profile. Shift it across until gaps become equal on each side. By means of technology wedges and level expose frame down.

5. On slopes of walls make tags for openings under dowel. On frame from outer side note quarter border, it is symmetric to which the window has to be established. Take frame. On slopes in marks drill openings. Establish dowels.

6. From outer side of window for the purpose of waterproofing establish compressed sealing strip (PSUL). Material will not pass atmospheric moisture in knot, letting off at the same time steam from the room. For warming of window use finely porous polyurethane foam. It is a little more expensive normal, but FOMEFLEX-PROFI, KIM-JAROLIM (Germany), SOUDAL (Belgium), the Finnish MAKROFLEX has the best characteristics, for example). If you have decided not to use tape, between frame and quarter leave gap in 0.5-0.7 cm which will need to be zapenit and processed sealant subsequently.

7. Insert frame into aperture. Level check its situation across and verticals. Fix it by wedges. Deviations of the parties should not exceed 1.5 mm on length meter, but it is no more than 3 mm on all height. Establish windows without curvatures of box and distortions, it is strict on level.

8. Close up seams between frame and wall foam with finely porous structure. Silicone sealant on zapenenny seam lay vapor barrier layer. Previously place butovochny cord or self-adhesive butylrubber tapes on seam.

9. On level establish windowsill on foam. Before it in places of contact with frame put silicone strip. Get windowsill under frame (depth of calling should not exceed 1 cm). After zapenivaniye you prigruzit it heavy objects, for example, bricks or containers with water.

10. Edges of windowsill have to come into wall on 15-30 mm. Sealing of joint of frame with windowsill is made by sealant. Insert deaf glazing, hang shutters.

11. If wide windowsills close radiator, make in wall under windowsill channels air ducts. They will transfer warm air to problem sites of window, preventing heating of slopes dew points and fogging of windows are higher.

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