How to save space in the bedroom

How to save space in the bedroom

The small bedroom can become cozy and stylish without any material inputs. The main thing not to litter the room with excess pieces of furniture and things which can be removed to the storeroom or to bring to the dacha.

Measurements and choice of furniture

Measure the room and apply all sizes on schematically made plan. It is required when choosing furniture that it has absolutely precisely gone in in the bedroom. Do not forget to measure door and window openings and to precisely display data on the scheme. In furniture store take tape measure as not always sellers have exact sizes of the provided samples.

At first it is necessary to take care of the berth. Instead of large bed it is better to take qualitative sofa which compactly develops and when it is necessary, easily turns into spacious berth.

It is not necessary to buy bulky clothes with the swinging open doors as it is necessary to consider also space for their opening. The sliding wardrobe with sliding doors will be ideal for the small bedroom. It is not necessary to neglect vertical space, instead of bedside tables, tables and dressers it is possible to take the capacious suspended opened and closed regiments and mezzanines. Too it is better to suspend the TV. Smooth surfaces of sliding doors of cabinet will visually make the room more and will resolve issue with bulky pier glass. Furniture with the rounded corners will help to save the place also. "Sharp" elements of interior not only figure prominently, but also visually do the room less. If in the bedroom it is going to put table, it is better to get the table-top fastening to wall, rising or the developing table book.

Color and light in interior of the small bedroom

Visually will help to make the room more light opaque tone, dark furniture will visually make the bedroom absolutely tiny. If you already have dark furniture, it is necessary to pokleit very light wall-paper, whenever possible, with horizontally directed drawing. Against the background of white walls even rather large or dark furniture will seem less. It is not necessary to litter space with small household objects (scissors, pocket mirror, cosmetics, etc.), they should be moved away in drawers. Mountains of the bed which is hanging down from backs and chairs of clothes kill all scope which you try to get in the small bedroom. Glass furniture will make interior easier and spacious. Glass can be used for shelves and table-tops. Bright jewelry is capable to make visually the room is more spacious and is cozier. It can be beautiful pillows for sofa, photowall-paper or the small graceful picture, but here it is important not to be overzealous and not to clutter up the bedroom. Wall carpets, on the contrary, visually will only narrow space. It is desirable to take care also of suitable lighting. Chandeliers will block up space, wall lamps and desk lamps which can be put on the suspended shelf are ideal for the small room. Big chandeliers will approach only in case in the bedroom high ceilings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team