How to saw the chainsaw

How to saw the chainsaw

The chainsaw – the irreplaceable tool for house owners, summer residents and gardeners. In spite of the fact that modern chain saws are very reliable, misuse of the tool can become the cause of serious injuries and accidents.

Preparation for work

Before work as the chainsaw surely study the application guide of the device. Work with the chainsaw in skintight clothes - various jewelry and free clothes can get to moving chain of saw. Use strong gloves, points from unbreakable glass, footwear with nonskid sole, ear inserts or noise suppressors, dust masks.

Prepare chain for work – it has to be well ground. The first signs that it has become blunted, is need of use of force at cut and very small sawdust.

Regularly, at least, than during each filling of tank with oil, check chain tension. For this purpose, having put on welder's gloves, delay it, raising the end of the tire. If at the same time teeths do not leave tire groove in its upper part, and the chain moves easily, it is tense correctly.

Work with the tool governed

Always you hold saw strong, covering the handle all fingers of hand. The right hand at the same time has to be located on the back handle, left – on lobby. Irrespective of, the user the lefthander or the right-handed person is, he has to use such capture. It reduces risk of throw of the tool and helps to control saw better.

Use at cut of special guides of tires reduces the return blow by chain.

Reach the correct position. Stand more to the left of saw so that your body was on one line with chain. Do not bend very low. Remember that for once it is necessary to saw only on one log. It is important to observe extreme care at insertion of saw in already done has spent on drink. The majority of the accidents caused by saw throw occurs at scrap of boughs and branches. Performing similar work, make sure that position which you had reached steadily, and nearby is not present the objects capable to prevent you. Delete each bough with one cut and as often as possible clear away working site. Begin the machine cut in that place where the bough will not jam saw. You saw freely hanging down boughs from above, and strained – from below. When jamming disconnect saw and take it, having lifted bough.

During the works with the chainsaw on slopes it is recommended to fix logs by wooden stakes. It will prevent their accidental rollings.

Avoid use of the chainsaw when performing cut higher than the level of shoulders. Never stand behind the tool, holding it sideways. Such situation will allow to keep long time back and hands without tension.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team