How to stack bikrost

How to stack bikrost

This built-up material has appeared in the market in the early nineties. Bikrost represents fiber glass fabric on which the high-quality cementing agent on the basis of bitumen is applied. The roofing covering arranged bikrosty is waterproof, is heatproof, fireproof and has long life cycle.

It is required to you

  • - bikrost;
  • - bituminous primer;
  • - propane torch.


1. Prepare surface, clean it from garbage. Eliminate any roughnesses, the sticking-out armature and nails. Cement slurry close up the increasing deepenings and cracks. For closing up of small deepenings use bituminous mastic. It is necessary to stack bikrost at temperature over +5 ° Celsius. If ambient temperature is lower than this indicator, mounting should be made in specially created "teplyaka".

2. For high-quality fusing the surface needs to be improved. To achieve the maximum adhesion, to connect dust and to fill all time, ground surface bituminous primer, or dissolve bitumen with gasoline (1:3). After primer give to the basis to dry well and only then start further works. If the bias of roof is more than 15%, roll rolls parallel to bias on slope of slopes; if the inclination is less than 15% - perpendicular to and parallel to bias. Roll bikrost rolls on all surface and by means of roofing knife make cut. After cut twist material in rolls again.

3. Now start directly material fusing. Put roll in one of corners. Get up so that the roll was developed "on itself". That it was more convenient to develop roll, use poker or similar subject. Set fire to propane torch. Gradually develop roll, melting torch the basis. Heat base layer, do by torch smooth movements for achievement of uniformity in melting of base layer.

4. Establish the following roll so that the layer of the bikrost laid down with an overlap previous not less, than 0.1 m. It will allow to secure and strengthen joints and to increase quality of flooring. As the most problem places are joints, masters in laying of waterproofing materials advise not to neglect 10-tisantimetrovy overlap and not to go on bikrosta. It is desirable to press in places of overlaps skating rink one layer over another.

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