How to struggle with Colorado beetle on potatoes

How to struggle with Colorado beetle on potatoes

As soon as the first shoots of potatoes then striped wreckers are flown to them turn green and gnaw gentle leaves. But not it is terrible, but the fact that they lay eggs in huge number, and then there are gluttonous yellow-orange larvae which can destroy landings for several days. As to struggle with Colorado beetle?

It is required to you

  • - pods of red bitter pepper:
  • - wormwood;
  • - poplar leaves;
  • - laundry soap;
  • - insecticides;
  • - gauze mask or scarf;
  • - device for spraying of solutions.


1. Fight against Colorado beetle is obligatory, otherwise from potato bushes there will be some obgryzenny stalks and, naturally, not to see harvest any more. Usually destroy striped wreckers chemical means, but if there is no wish to poison the harvest, you can struggle with Colorado beetle without chemistry.

2. How to struggle with Colorado beetle infusion red to pertsazaleyta of 10 pods of red bitter pepper of 9 l of hot water, previously having cut them on several parts. Let several hours infuse. Then also deliver to nastrugayta of 100 g of laundry soap in 1 l of water on plate, heat to full dissolution. Connect soap and infusion of red pepper, mix, filter and spray landings of potatoes since morning. This means frightens off insects and they do not lay some eggs on leaves.

3. How to struggle with Colorado beetle infusion you topolyanarvit half-buckets of leaves of poplar balsam and fill in them 10 l of water. Bring to boiling and you cook 20 minutes then remove from fire and let's infuse day. Spray landings of potatoes, and bugs will be afraid to fly up to them. For their best scaring away add to leaves 2 kg of small cut wormwood grass.

4. How to struggle with Colorado beetle chemical sredstvamikak there was a wish not to apply chemical medicines in fight against Colorado beetle, nevertheless they are simply necessary at the big amount of landings of potatoes. You will not draw 10 buckets with wormwood or red pepper. And chemical medicine gets divorced quickly that very conveniently and effectively. On sale there are many different means. For processing of potatoes it is necessary to read the enclosed instruction and to prepare working solution according to it. You need the special sprayer, but it is possible to spray poison for bugs and simple broom. Only surely tie mouth and nose scarf and you watch that poison did not get on skin and into eyes.

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