How to take care of flowers at the dacha

The long-term flowers planted at the dacha are both its main decoration, and object of admiration of owners of the site and also their friends and acquaintances. However the size of flowers and inflorescences, juicy greens of leaves and their magnificent development depend not only on grade and kind of plants, but also on the correct care for them which has to be carried out from early spring to late fall.

It is required to you

  • - mineral fertilizers; - mattock or tame Tsapok; - pegs; - bast or twine; - secateurs or sharp garden scissors; - watering can.


1. At once after snow descent, at the frozen soil, feed up flowers mineral fertilizers. The first fertilizing is considered the safest, it completely denies the probability of developing of burns of green parts of plants. The mineral fertilizers added to the soil gradually are dissolved by melt waters and inhausted.

2. Having made sure that the soil on the site has enough dried out, start loosening of its surface. This procedure will allow to destroy the crust formed on the surface of the soil and to create the most favorable for penetration of air to the root system of flowers of condition. Besides, in due time made loosening promotes preservation of moisture and interferes with development of weeds.

3. In due time delete weeds from flower bed. Excess vegetation not only considerably exhausts the soil, but also is favorable object for development of various diseases and wreckers. And weeds do not decorate exterior of flower bed at all. Regularly carry out weeding throughout all summer period.

4. To provide to flowers at the dacha the correct development and rich blossoming, surely carry out additional fertilizing before formation of buds and also during blossoming. Remember that fertilizing has to be made only in the first half of summer. Application of fertilizers during later period can become the reason of violent growth of flowers and leaving of perennials with unripe kidneys under snow. And it, in turn, can lead to death of flowers during the winter period.

5. To prevent breakage of stalks of flowers from strong wind, tie the most powerful of them to pegs. The twine and bast for this purpose are considered as the most suitable materials. The distance between the established pegs and plants should not exceed the 10-15th. For garter of climbers use vertically tense twine or wire.

6. Throughout all summer period delete dry branches and the fading flowers. Thus you prevent formation of seeds and prolong life to beauty and appeal of flowers.

7. In case of lack of enough precipitation, throughout all vegetative period it is abundant water flowers at least once a week. For more rational use by plants of moisture carry out watering in the evening. In the afternoon under the influence of the hot sun significant amount of liquid evaporates therefore flowers get only its small amount. Besides, watering can lead to burns in the afternoon, and as a result, to death of plants.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team