How to take readings from the electric meter Mercury 200

How to take readings from the electric meter Mercury 200

Mercury-200 counters allow to consider the electric power on 4 tariffs in 8 temporary zones of day for 8 types of days. Most often such specification is not required. It can work in automatic systems of commercial electricity metering. But if you do not have it, it is necessary to learn to take readings manually.

1. Remember the tariff type used by you. Most often meet odnostavochny and two-part. The first do not change within a day. And for calculations all volume of the consumed energy is multiplied by the established kWh cost. In the second case there is accounting separately to day and night time. For every period there is the price of the electric power.

2. Take readings from the liquid crystal indicator, without pressing any buttons. Before you - the energy volume consumed for all the time of operation of the counter on this tariff. The extension of tariff for the counter is expressed by indication on the screen at the left. Number is faced by letter T: T1, T2, T3, T4. If it at you odnostavochny, then any more you need to read out nothing.

3. Subtract from the taken readings data for the last month. Increase them by kWh cost, and you receive the size of payment for the electric power this month.

4. Press the Input button to learn quantity of the electric power consumed by other types of tariffs. After the third pressing if the counter is ready for the maximum number of tariffs, on the screen the total volume of the consumed electric power will seem. That is you do not have need to write off indications in all intermediate positions, the necessary number of times are enough to press the lower button.

5. Press the top O button to learn the power of the loading connected to the counter. On the right there will be measuring unit - "kW", and at the left - the current tariff. Press this button once again to change time. For introduction of amendments it is necessary to choose the Input button. By each pressing time increases for 1 minute. It is impossible to make the correction more, than for half an hour.

6. Press the O button the third time to specify date of removal of indications. If in this situation to press the Input button again, then you will see data on the consumed electric power for last month. That is with this counter you do not have need to look in the previous payment orders. The device itself will issue all necessary information.

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