How to tie up cucumbers in the open ground

How to tie up cucumbers in the open ground

Such culture as cucumber, requires to itself attention during all growth and fructification. The main factor is the garter of cucumbers and it is important to execute it correctly to receive as it is possible the best harvest.

Cucumbers tie up first of all for own convenience. Further they will be much easier to be collected because the grown-up fruits it will be very well visible. Cucumbers very much love light and therefore the garter is very important that the rod did not lay down tent, shading everything around and not allowing vegetables to receive the necessary amount of light.

Still the garter is very important that the rod was not confused - did not create balls. To find vegetables in such type of its growth very difficult and they will incorrectly grow. To crown it all, thanks to the correct garter, side escapes on which there are always a lot of female florets where fruits are tied are very well formed.

There are two ways of garter: horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal way of garter

For it use lane. The lane can be made independently of make-shifts. You need two metal pipes (they can be replaced with two good long sticks). Between pipes pull wire, rope, grid - coma as is convenient also that is near at hand. Your lane is ready. The small stalk is accurately twisted around the lower horizontal thread, they are farther ""find"" the necessary steps and go up.

Vertical way of garter

This way is simpler and more convenient. The cucumber rod is accurately twisted around peg which is stuck in hole nearby. The peg by means of rope or wire is already tied to the lower horizontal part of lane. It is possible to put in general lane the letter ""P"" and then to pull thread on the top horizontal level. So plant on rope, twisting it, will go up, it is necessary to regulate its tension only in time. This way much more beautifully also looks more esthetically.

It is convenient to collect fruits on any of ways, growth will be also identical. The gardener for himself chooses what is more convenient for him depending on availability at him than various materials.

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