How to turn cone

How to turn cone

The turning lathe is intended for processing of the rotating preparations from various material by special cutter. In such a way it is possible not only to produce preparations, simple in form, but also to do thread or to turn conical surfaces. For this purpose, of course, the minimum skills of work on turning lathe are necessary at least.

It is required to you

  • - turning lathe;
  • - set of cutters;
  • - safety glasses.


1. Insert preparation into the machine, having fixed it between two terminations of traverse shaft or by means of blocks. Establish cutter. If you turn conic part from solid metal, pick up cutter from solid alloy. The tool from carbon steel has the smallest firmness.

2. Do not forget about observance of safety measures during the work on turning lathe. Protect eyes special glasses. Press start button and start processing of part.

3. Choose the required cutting speed, having set the lever on the meter panel to the necessary position. Speed is defined by the hardness of the processed material and firmness of cutter. If you have no exact data on preparation material properties, it is the best of all to go when choosing speed by practical consideration.

4. In the beginning give to preparation cylindrical surface. For this purpose use so-called cutter through passage, having processed it preparation in two steps. Make roughing (rough grinding), quickly removing material bulk. For turning of surface of preparation about cams of the boss and cutting of face use the unbent cutter.

5. Apply fair cutter with wide cutting edge to final processing of part. It allows to work at great speed giving and gives smooth surface.

6. Give to preparation the form of cone. It is the simplest to sharpen small cones (no more than 20 mm) wide cutter. At production of external or internal cone turn upper part of support on corner which is equal to half of cone angle at its top.

7. Now pierce part, carefully moving cutter by means of the top skids of support. The method best of all is suitable for grinding of rather short cones. If you intend to receive long and flat cone, displace the back center of preparation, move on the required distance (to yourself or from yourself) back block. The only lack of such way is that owing to the shift of part the fast uneven wear of center openings is observed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team