How to update old sofa

How to update old sofa

Do you have once bought solid high quality sofa for rather big money, but after several years it has lost the presentableness? You do not hurry to get rid of it, maybe, several simple actions will return to sofa its place in your living room.

It is required to you

  • - Upholstery fabric of two types;
  • - Sewing machine;
  • - Stuffing.


1. For a start walk with wrench on all position of joints and tighten bolts. At the same time look whether timber frame construction of sofa has cracked, it is good if everything is all right, but if you have noticed crack, then it is better to invite the master from restoration workshop. Look how the situation with stuffing of sofa is whether it is time to change it. In this case do not choose foam rubber - through two-three of years it will begin to crumble again and history will repeat! It is better to buy latex or polyurethane foam - they perfectly keep elasticity many years and do not cause allergies.

2. If you change stuffing, then check springs of sofa and replace become useless. Look whether well batting protects stuffing from damage by springs, improve situation if it is required. Accurately distribute stuffing that she has laid down without dents and hillocks, only in this case you will return to sofa elasticity and will get rid of the failed places.

3. You quickly update exterior of sofa by means of elegant cape which very simply and quickly to make in house conditions. Pick up two types of upholstery fabric that they were in harmony with each other. It is often possible to meet fabrics partners - one fabric without the drawing monophonic with the rich invoice, and the second has elements in pattern of the same color as the first fabric. Measure your sofa, considering that the cape will freely fall down to floor and will repeat all parts of back and armrests.

4. Turn in the rectangle from one type of fabric which is cut off by your sizes from all directions and stitch. The big cover with which you will cover sofa, as in the previous drawing has turned out. Sew the top cape from patterned fabric - length from bottom of front part of sofa to bottom of back back, width to the equal width of sofa. On each side note places where you will sew side parts of cape that they have covered armrests of sofa and freely hanged down to floor.

5. Sew bokovushka in noted places and cover the lower cape top. Directly in the place, or in advance having noted places, sew beautiful ties, for deduction of the top cape on the place. Ties can be sewed from the first or second fabric, it is possible to use the ready tapes or decorative twisted cords suitable on color with brushes. Sew couple of throw pillows from the remained fabric, sew to them brushes on corners. Put pillows on cape - you have quickly updated the sofa!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team